Teachers on a one-hour work stoppage - After 8:25 in the classrooms, elementary school students

POED gives 15 days to the Ministry of Education to find satisfactory solutions to the problems observed in schools due to the pandemic

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The teachers, members of POED in kindergartens, special schools and primary schools go on a one-hour work stoppage on Monday morning with the Board of Directors of the organization giving 15 days to those responsible to find satisfactory solutions to the problems observed in schools due to the pandemic.

The vice-president of POED, Apostolos Skouroupatis, told KYPE that in their meeting, which took place on Sunday, they evaluated everything that the Ministry of Education did in the last 15 days which concerned the previous decisions of the Board of Directors, the three main axes they had set in January 20 "and we decided that we are not satisfied with what happened, that he could and can do more".

As a first reaction measure, POED is holding a one-hour work stoppage of its members today, Monday, between 7:30 and 8:25.

"What concerns us is to ensure the security measures in our schools so that students, teachers and staff are protected," said Mr. Skouroupatis.

He said that the three axes concern the full staffing of schools when teachers are absent, with the immediate sending of full-time replacements, so that the school administrations are supported and there is a smooth operation of the school unit and the schools can operate safely. . "When teachers are absent, security issues are raised," he added.

The second axis concerns the effective taking of control and protection measures in kindergartens and special schools. He stressed that in kindergartens there is no control measure even sampling, in contrast to elementary schools, high schools and lyceums.

The third axis, he said, concerns the installation of ventilation systems in school halls. "We are not asking them to come in yesterday, but to give us a timetable on the basis of which the conditions in the classrooms will be created, so that when new pandemic waves, new infections come, they can safely keep the classrooms alive," he said. Skouroupatis. He added that this measure also includes a small number of students in each department.

He also said that the school administrations want real support because all the measures that have been taken have been moved to the principals.

The Board of Directors, which will hold a press conference on Friday at 11:30 on the issue, will re-evaluate the whole situation in 15 days, "so that we can see real and substantial measures that will satisfy us," said Mr. Skouroupatis.

POED calls on the Ministry of Education and the parents in a dialogue to support the work stoppage

The POED in a statement issued on Sunday calls on the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth to enter into a dialogue, appealing to parents to support the protest that takes place on Monday.

"In no case does the Organization nullify what has been done so far by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State", he notes, adding, "at the same time, he reiterates for the umpteenth time that the situation remains extremely difficult. Therefore, we expect our suggestions and appeals to be heard immediately by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the benefit primarily of the children but also of the smooth and orderly operation of our schools ".