Province of Ammochosto: 65 traffic complaints within 24 hours - Underage driver at the wheel

A 14-year-old minor who was driving a vehicle in Ammochosto was reported

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A coordinated campaign by ADE Famagusta resulted in 65 traffic complaints within 24 hours. Specifically, within the framework of the Famagusta Traffic Police's campaign to reduce road collisions, which was carried out between the dates 28/2/24-29/2/24, members of the Famagusta Traffic Police made 65 traffic complaints, which mainly related to exceeding the speed limit, use of mobile phones , driving without a driver's license, without a driving license, without a safety certificate, offenses related to the non-use of a seat belt by the driver and passenger, offenses related to rubber vehicle wheel covers without the minimum ridges, failure to signal and offenses related to vehicle lights .

12 alcohol tests were also carried out, 4 cars and 2 motorcycles were seized, while a 14-year-old minor who was driving a vehicle without a driver's license and without a safety certificate was also reported, while the conditions under which he was found driving the disputed vehicle are being investigated by the Paralimni Police Station.

As part of the controls, two foreigners aged 22 and 35 were identified and arrested, who were found to be residing illegally on the territory of the Republic, and a process of issuing decrees for their deportation will follow.

ADE Famagusta reminds the public who use the road network that excessive speed, driving while using a mobile phone and under the influence of alcohol and drugs are the main causes of fatal and serious road collisions.