Ep.Ammochosto: They fought him for driving under the influence of drugs

A total of 189 complaints about traffic violations

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Within the framework of the strategic planning campaign of the Famagusta Police Department for the prevention of road conflicts in the Famagusta District, road policing was carried out between the dates 22-26/3/24 which resulted in 189 traffic complaints which mainly concerned exceeding the speed limit, use of mobile phones phone, driving without a driver's license, without a driving license, without a safety certificate, violations related to the non-use of seat belts by the driver and passenger.

Also, 60 alcohol tests were carried out with three complaints, while a 59-year-old man who was found to be driving under the influence of drugs was also reported.

Specifically, on 25/3/24 at 2040 hours, while members of the Famagusta Traffic Police were performing a traffic control in Ayia Napa as part of the campaign, they stopped for control a vehicle driven by a 59-year-old man from Limassol. During the check, the members of the Traffic Police found that the smell of cannabis was coming from inside the vehicle and a subsequent search of the vehicle with the consent of the 59-year-old found a plastic container containing a quantity of cannabis plant material weighing 7.6684 grams. The 59-year-old underwent a drug test with a positive result.

He was also charged extrajudicially for the total amount of 400 euros because he was found to be driving without a seat belt, talking on the mobile phone, with worn tires and no lights. The case of drugs is being investigated by the Famagusta Police Station, while the drug test is being investigated by the Police Station of Agia Napa.

ADE Famagusta will continue its campaigns while informing the public using the road network that excessive speed, driving while using a mobile phone and under the influence of alcohol and drugs are the main causes of fatal and serious road collisions.