BRAKER: Anastasia Ailioti at the 5th Aphrodite Mediterranean in the Archery Department

The International Games took place in Pyla - the "Frenaros 2000 - Archery Club / Archery Club" on October 27-31

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In the International competitions that took place in Pyla, the Association "Frenaros 2000 - Archery Club / Archery Club" participated with 4 volunteers.

Also in the Mission with the National Youth Team of Cyprus participated the Athlete of the Association Anastasia Ailioti with a good presence in the match, at Olympiakos around she has defeated the athlete from Serbia, then participated in the quarterfinals and lost to the athlete Russia. Congratulations Anastasia.

Also in the team where Anastasia Ailioti took part together with the National Team they took the Third place.

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