Chatzigiorki Mills: The offer construction workshops have been completed (IMAGES)

Cyprus Millers by Hadjigiorkis participates in "Heartland of Legends" workshops

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Her participation in the workshops of the authentic Heartland of Legends route continued, on Sunday, May 15, with two workshops for the preparation of an offer, by Masterbaker Mr. George Tziortzis.

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Cyprus Millers by Hadjigiorkis welcomed participants from all over the island, who learned the techniques for a successful tender dough and the right practices for imprinting the seal and forming the sacred offering.

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Along with their offer, the guests received as a souvenir a pin from the collection "Wheat and Bread" available exclusively at the Hatzigiorki Mills Museum.

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The pin is a creation of Magical Creations by Kirki inspired by the wholemeal breads offered within the first educational program of the Hatzigiorkis Mills Museum, "The sweetest bread".

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