Malas only suggests a tourism institute in Larnaca and Paphos

Contract of Hope and Perspective of Kostas Koumis, Presidential Elections 2018, Stavros Malas

The reason for the reactions in the last few days has been the program positions of the candidate for the Presidency, Stavros Malas.

The candidate who is supported by AKEL, in his Governance Program "Contract of Hope and Perspective" and specifically in the category "Tourism", proposes "Creation of an Institute (public interest-private law) of staff training for the Tourism industry, based in Larnaca and Paphos".

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This fact, and in particular the non-inclusion of the province of Famagusta, has led to reactions from tourism agents in the free province. The reactions are mainly focused on the recent major efforts to move the Cyprus Higher Hotel Institute from Nicosia to free Famagusta.

Contract of Hope and Prospect2 by Kostas Koumis, Presidential Elections 2018, Stavros Malas

On the other hand, the programmatic positions of Stavros Malas seem to leave an unsatisfied portion of tourism managers, who claim that these commitments do not correspond to the struggle paid by the free Famagusta for performance. The icing on the cake is the non-reporting of Stavros Malas for the creation of the Ministry of Tourism, something that his candidate emphasizes his pre-election commitments.

The post of the Vice President of the CTO, Costas Koumis, on his personal Facebook account, where he wrote:

"In his proposed governance program, Mr. Stavros Malas and his staff propose the operation of an institute of tourism professions in Larnaca and Paphos. I will not analyze the substance of the proposal. But I wonder by what criteria they chose and propose the aforementioned cities. Does anyone know? ”