The coronavirus "gallops" in Famagusta

Negative first for the province of Famagusta according to the Report - The Epidemiological team expresses concern

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The epidemiological data in Famagusta are a cause for concern. According to epidemiological data, the province of Famagusta continued its upward trend in terms of positive incidents. COVID-19 and is now in first place with 452,3 positives per 100.000 compared to 383,8 / 100.000 recorded in last week's report.

In second place is Limassol with a new decrease (428.7 / 100.000 against 465,9 / 100.000) while the province of Nicosia records a new negative record with 335,1 / 100.000 against 284,1 / 100.000 inhabitants. Larnaca has 376 patients per 100.000 inhabitants while Paphos is now in last place with just 123 / 100.000.

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Dr. Nikolopoulos, at a press conference, said that we are still moving steadily in the indices, but expressed concern about the epidemiological curve of Famagusta, noting that in Limassol and Paphos the transmission number decreased, in contrast to the other 3 provinces, namely Nicosia. Larnaca and free Famagusta. He stressed that the percentage of positivity, the stabilization of the epidemiological burden, but also the number of patients, are criteria for the course and relaxation of restrictive measures.

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As mentioned earlier by Dr. Tsioutis, in terms of patients, on the positive side is that Cyprus is one of the few countries that have bed reserves to serve health patients and has not reached its limits, noting, however, that we should not forget that as the use of coronavirus beds are reduced to use of other services.

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He added that Cyprus is one of the few countries in Europe that has not reached the point where it needs a universal ban, while he drew attention to the observance of protocols and the avoidance of convergence phenomena, which we saw over the weekend.

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