Potamos Liopetriou: "Enough of the mockery" - They are asking for the intervention of the Minister of Agriculture

Letter from the Liopetriou Community Council to the Minister of Agriculture - Requesting his immediate intervention to overcome the problems in the reconstruction project of the fishing shelter on the Liopetriou river - "Enough of tolerance and mockery" - The work was scheduled to be completed at the end of November at a cost of 11 million euros

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The immediate intervention of the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Petros Xenophontos, is requested by the Community Council of Liopetriou in order to overcome the problems presented by the project of the reconstruction of the fishing shelter in the river of Liopetriou.

In a letter to Mr. Xenophontos dated October 16, the Council refers to the project of the fishing shelter of the river Liopetriou, putting before him the "serious" problems, as he characterizes them, which have been created with the plans and the execution of the project.

The Council notes that "the constructions, and especially the docks, are a serious problem, since they do not serve and do not facilitate the professional fishermen at all, with the result that access to their boats is impossible, which creates a very serious problem" explaining that " with the completion and execution of the construction works for the docks, they will essentially make it impossible for the fishermen who use the Liopetriou River to exercise their profession, since they do not have the necessary access".

The Liopetri Community Council makes a "fervent request" to the Minister of Agriculture to convene an immediate meeting at the Council's offices, in the presence of the other services involved, in order to find a solution that serves the professional fishermen, since this is the purpose of the fishing shelter .

In the letter, the Council states that it "withdraws its confidence" in the Department of Urban Planning and the contractor who undertook the project.

After mentioning that "tolerance and mockery is enough" in the letter, the House expresses regret since, as it explains, "as everything shows, bonds of friendship have been created between the Department of Urban Planning and the contractor, which affect the execution of the project and, by extension, life of fishermen".

The Liopetri Community Council expresses its assessment that the Minister's visit to the site, in order to obtain "first-hand knowledge of the problem being created" will give him the possibility of understanding the real data.

In the letter, the Council begs and demands from the Ministry of Agriculture to "immediately intervene to address the matter" while calling on Mr. Xenophontos as he has his immediate response before the construction works proceed further.

It is recalled that the foundation stone for the rehabilitation of the Liopetriou River was laid by the former President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis on January 22 last year, it will have a capacity of 112 boats and the projects include the construction of wooden wharves, a boat lift/launch ramp, carport, storage areas for professional fishermen and more.

Simultaneously with the formation of the fishing refuge, the surrounding area will also be formed, with the construction of a series of basic infrastructure projects, including a fishing training center, a place for organizing cultural events, a pedestrian path, a bicycle path and parking areas.

The work was scheduled to be completed at the end of November at a cost of 11 million euros, however the problems created are causing delays.

Source: KYPE