Markos Takkas: InterNapa College with great innovations and a new identity

The Director of Finance and Administration of InterNapa College analyzes the new innovative study programs and major upgrades of the College – International awards and “Barology”, the first program in Cyprus and Europe!

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New study programs, change and renewal of its identity and branding, international distinctions, important building upgrades and collaborations, are just some of the elements and actions that characterize the evolution in InterNapa College. The College housed in Sotira Famagusta, in recent years has become synonymous with innovations and attracting students from the province of Famagusta and not only with recognized and competitive study programs. And all this with an employment rate of the school's graduates that reaches an amazing 96%!

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Ο Markos Takkas, who since 2020 has taken over the reins from his father Georgios Takkas, founder of the School and assumed the duties of Director of Finance and Administration InterNapa College, breaks down the reasons why a student should choose the school, and lists detailed information about the degree programs. Among other things, he makes special reference to “Barology", which characterizes the latest innovative steps of the School of Higher Education.

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What is the new identity of InterNapa College?

InterNapa College was founded in 2003. During these 20 years of operation, our school has managed to develop both in terms of buildings and academically. In the last 10 years we have focused on specialization in the fields of Tourism and Hospitality studies, in the field of Culinary Arts as well as Management, while in the last years we have focused more on upgrading each field separately, in order to offer our students the opportunity to acquire the experience of recognized study programs in a new friendly environment with many innovations and with renewed disciplines.

We would like to point out that all our study programs are evaluated, approved and certified by the Agency for Assurance and Certification of Higher Education (DIPAE) and that is why our students have the possibility of student state sponsorship of up to €3420 in all our study programs.

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What degree programs does InterNapa College offer?

The study programs offered are:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – 18 months
  • Bachelor in Hospitality & Tourism Management – ​​4 years (Bachelor in Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management – ​​2 years (Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management)
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts – 2 years
  • Academic Certificate in Professional Bartending – 1 year (Certificate in Professional Bartending)

Why should one choose to study at InterNapa College?

Undoubtedly, the choice of a Higher Education School largely determines a person's professional career as well as their future. On the other hand, there are several options regarding studies both in Cyprus and abroad.

InterNapa College, however, is different because it focuses on the experience gained by both the academic staff and the culture of the institution itself in a province whose economic identity is based on tourism, the food sector and the management of small and medium enterprises. And above all, it offers the residents of the wider province of Famagusta and beyond, the option to train in recognized study programs, in order to develop their professional skills through sectors that innovate.

At the same time, we should point out that one of the priorities of our college is the internship and professional rehabilitation of our students, and indeed in companies which are among the most important in their field in Cyprus. As a college we have partnerships with selected five and four star hotels, but also with other tourism businesses, so that our students can obtain the necessary resources through our paid internship. The emphasis we place on the professional rehabilitation of our students is also shown by the employment rate of our graduates, which reaches an astonishing 96%!

At the same time, we also invest in collaborations with organized bodies of the tourism industry, among others the Pangyprian Association of Hoteliers (PASYXE), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Famagusta (EBEA), the Tourist, Commercial and Industrial Company of Famagusta (TEBEA) as well as the Association of Center Owners Famagusta Recreation Association (SIKAA) for strengthening our tourism industry through our research, learning and practice.

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And all this, while maintaining a competitive tuition fee policy, recognizing the needs and financial capabilities of our students. Our tuition fees are competitive without compromising the quality of our programs! The reason is in line with our philosophy that "everyone has a right to know."

It is worth mentioning that our students have the opportunity through the Erasmus+ student exchange program for an academic semester or even an entire academic year to study at our more than 20 European Universities that we collaborate with in 10 different European countries, all paid for by Erasmus+.

Finally, let us say that our college is a Vocational Training Center (VTC) and Vocational Training Structure (VTC) approved by the Human Resources Development Authority and we deliver seminars linked to our fields of study for the training of workers in the tourism industry.

And even with international certification as one of the best in Cyprus?

This is a fact. The level of our programs directly related to the academic and research staff and the curriculum is among the highest in Cyprus. This is also demonstrated according to AD Scientific Index which compiles the list of the best Universities in Cyprus by evaluating the research of the academics of each university. InterNapa College is included in the list for 2022 as one of the 18 best university institutions in Cyprus and is the only one in the province of Famagusta and second for the Larnaca - Famagusta region.

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Recently, emphasis has been placed on upgrading the infrastructure of the college

The upgrading of the infrastructure and facilities of the college is continuous and is directly integrated with the renewal and development of our faculty. In 2021 we have undertaken the monumental task of creating our second floor in the existing college with a state-of-the-art auditorium with a capacity of 85 people, two new classrooms and a specialist cookery workshop.

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Also for the needs of our new Certificate in Professional Bartending program we have created an original bar workshop so that our students can perfect their techniques in real working conditions. Thus, we now have 12 classrooms, an auditorium and 4 laboratories, 2 cooking, 1 roofing and 1 bar. Our college now has the potential to host and serve 820 students.

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What is "Barology" and what is its innovation?

Barology is the title of a new and innovative one-year Academic Certificate program in Professional Bartending. Barology is the first recognized and certified academic Certificate in Professional Bartending in Cyprus and Europe by the Higher Education Quality Assurance and Certification Agency (DIPAE) member of the European Higher Education Quality Assurance and Certification Agency (ENQA).

At this point I would like to mention that we are very proud because as InterNapa College we have managed to implement the innovation of Barology in the province of Famagusta! The specificity and uniqueness of Barology can attract hundreds of students from Europe and other provinces to Cyprus. I believe that this has always been the aim of the region, that is, to have an academic institution that attracts students from Europe and contributes to the economic development of the region. We have already managed to attract students from distant provinces such as Paphos, Nicosia who now live and work in the area.

The main reasons that led us to the creation of Barology are the need to highlight and transform bartending as an art, the demand for further development of the field but of course the filling of the academic gap that existed in bartending. Now Bartender has his own education, he has his own school and he can be proud of it.

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What are the most important reasons to choose Barology?

The program refers to everyone, people who want to learn about the art of bartending and people who are already working in this field. The academic program is highly innovative with 16 courses and an internship. Courses are held at wineries and breweries, among others, so that students can understand and experience the practical concepts of the course from some of the best professionals in their field. The program's professors are distinguished academics as well as talented and world-renowned barmen and baristas in the industry.

Also, another important success of Barology is the collaborations with the best bars abroad such as "Lucky Kane» in London which is ranked among the top 10 bars in Europe and where our students have a great opportunity to do their internship. Furthermore, our students will have the opportunity, in addition to the existing courses of the program, to attend masterclasses from bartenders sent by companies and bars abroad who will come exclusively for Barology. Another important element is that our graduates will have the opportunity even after the end of their studies to attend the new and different masterclasses that will be held in the coming years since the world of bartending is constantly evolving.

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See all InterNapa College study programs in detail with all the information:

• Academic Certificate in Professional Bartending – 1 year (Certificate in Professional Bartending)

Students will acquire the professional and technical skills in the preparation of drinks, the creation of new cocktails, the modernist mixing of drinks, the flavoring of cocktails, the use of dry ice & liquid nitrogen for the decoration of cocktails, the specialized molecular creations of cocktails, the flair bartending, barista skills, understanding the various wines and spirits and much more. The program sets learning, professional knowledge and skill development as a solid foundation for students in building a customer-oriented service culture, adopting modern and best practices in the workplace and enhancing interpersonal communication skills. Students are encouraged to enhance their career development by integrating both theoretical and laboratory practical learning together with their practical experience to become sophisticated and classy bartenders. It is aimed at students who want to develop in the bar area either as bar managers or already professionals who want to develop and expand their knowledge

Among other things, Barology stands out from its curriculum, as on the one hand renowned and professionally trained professionals give students the opportunity to get to know each aspect of Bartending up close, and on the other hand it offers an important internship opportunity at the famous Laki Kane Bar in heart of London.

During the Academic Certificate in Professional Bartending (60ECTS), the trainee will discover with academics as well as well-known professionals of a recognized course 16 courses (8 months) as well as a paid internship opportunity (4 months).

The course program includes Wine and Spirit Appreciation and Cellar Alchemies, which gives students the opportunity to get to know the magical world of wine production up close, alongside the Winemaker and Sommelier, Orestis Tsiakkas, and at Tsiakkas Winery. The Bar in the New Digital Age course provides the skills required to manage the demanding world of technology, advertising, internet and social media and Bar, Barista and Restaurant Beverage Service provides the skills to set up a menu, Art and Craft of Cocktails and Mocktails the practical ability and professional skills to create cocktails, Barista Artisan Skills the knowledge a qualified barista needs. The remaining courses are Fermented, Distilled & Cask Beverage, Artisans Cocktails & Flair Bartending, Beverage Identification & Sensory Analysis, Communication & Customer Etiquette, Mixology Infusion, Beverage Hygiene & Safety, Menu Design & Sales Skills, Recruitment & People Development, Purchasing & Control Systems and Molecular & New Cocktail Development.

Among the personalities who have taken the courses of the program are the following:

  • Orestis Tsiakkas, Oenologist and Sommelier
  • Kyriakos Assiotis, Flair Bartending Award Winner
  • Ioannis Ioannou, Multi-Awarded Global Bartender and Mixologist
  • Geogi Radev, Co-Founder of Laki Kane / Rum Expert
  • Katerina and Georgia Fellas, Food and Beverage Scientists
  • George Christofis, Coffee & Brew Technologist
  • Dr. Georgios Markatos, Hospitality Expert, Program Manager

• Master of Business Administration (MBA) – 18 months

The purpose of the Master's Program in Business Administration (MBA) is to prepare and strengthen executives of businesses and organizations, through the acquisition of specialized knowledge and organizational and management skills, so that they can effectively respond to the new data of the modern internationalized market. Through the program, the students' leadership skills, communication skills and analytical skills are developed and strengthened, in relation to dealing with business challenges. Our MBA is characterized by an innovative learning model that prepares top business executives to meet the modern needs of strategic planning, business management, talent and human resource management, innovation and growth. Our students will be equipped with modern management skills and sufficient knowledge so that, by understanding the individual aspects and functions of the business, they will be able to contribute to its strategic development.

Our MBA is constantly evolving and enriched with new scientific theories and practices, as well as business administration trends, to enhance students' ability to apply methodologies and tools for data analysis and decision-making in any business environment. The MBA adequately prepares our students to compete for positions in multiple sectors both locally and internationally. At the same time, the program is addressed to professionals who wish to advance in the field of Industry or to Civil Servants who wish to be promoted.

• Bachelor in Hospitality & Tourism Management - 4 years (Bachelor in Hospitality & Tourism Management)

The purpose of the program is to provide students with academic, professional and managerial skills required in the wider hospitality and tourism industry. Students will enter a creative learning and entrepreneurial environment in order to develop strong leadership characteristics and a hospitality-oriented professional culture. The program stimulates academic principles through reflective learning and critical thinking in theoretical and professional courses and supports students in applying multidisciplinary approaches to management, problem solving, effective decision making and best business practices. Along with internships and work experience, the program offers students an opportunity for professional networking in order to advance their future careers. Graduates will expect to be employed in supervisory/managerial positions and work in different organizations in the hospitality and tourism industry. It is aimed at students who would like to excel in Hotel Management Positions or even existing hotel staff who would like further promotions.

• Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management - 2 years (Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management)

The aim of the program is to provide students with a range of cognitive, technical and transferable skills, following industry trends and market needs. The program develops professional skills, giving students opportunities to undertake different occupations in a changing work environment. A combination of classroom theory, practical application and industry training where it will enable students to cultivate a customer-centric hospitality service culture and enhance communication skills. Specialization in subjects such as: food and beverage business, room separation, hospitality, business and languages ​​have been developed to give students the necessary knowledge and skills for supervisory responsibilities in hospitality businesses. It is aimed at students who want to work in hotels or already existing professional hotel staff.

• Diploma in Culinary Arts (Cooking) - 2 years (Diploma in Culinary Arts)

The Culinary Arts program aims to prepare students for a brilliant career in the food service industry, in restaurants or hotels leading to supervisory/managerial positions in the near future. It follows industry trends and market needs by applying modern understandings of food production and food production systems. The program offers a combination of classroom theory, practical application and industrial training through their internship, thereby enabling students to develop the necessary skills in food production and preparation as well as better management. It refers to students who would like to work professionally in the field of food arts and to existing hotel staff for further development and knowledge.

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