Famagusta Hospital: They are asking for its evolution into a University Hospital

Through a letter to the President of the Republic, Famagusta province agencies request the transformation of Famagusta Hospital into a University Hospital of the University of Cyprus

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A letter to the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, was recently sent by members of parliament and agencies of the province of Famagusta, regarding the evolution of the Famagusta General Hospital into a University Hospital of the University of Cyprus.

The issue is an initiative of DISY MP Famagusta Kyriakos Hatzigiannis, while in the letter sent, the initiative seems to be supported by other MPs, local authorities and agencies of the region.

As mentioned in the letter, the Famagusta district agencies submit a request for the evolution of the Famagusta General Hospital into a University Hospital of the University of Cyprus with the possibility of cooperation with other Medical Schools. A request that links the need to develop the area and the development of medical science through the creation of the university hospital.

Both the free and the occupied area of ​​Famagusta, including the city of Famagusta, as a province in its entirety claims a share in the university geography of our country, because university institutions or their branches have been established in all the cities. Therefore, within the framework of the policy for balanced development, Famagusta claims its share of academic development, the letter states.

As mentioned, the combination of the building and technological upgrading of the Famagusta General Hospital, as well as the related projects and infrastructures that have been created in the area of ​​Famagusta justify the creation of a university hospital in Famagusta. At the same time, the fact that the cost of living is lower compared to the rest of Cyprus, especially in relation to the amount of rents, will help those involved, students and workers.

It is pointed out, in fact, that there are currently three medical schools operating in Cyprus and that the creation of a university hospital of the University of Cyprus is essential for the further upgrading of the medical schools. The university hospital, it is reported, through the international evaluations that the medical schools will receive, will strengthen the recognition of the medical degree in Cyprus and that this need has already been recognized by the organized state and relevant legislation is in progress.

It is emphasized, at the same time, that the many and various problems that exist to date and cause a delay in the establishment and operation of the university hospital concern objections of a labor nature only. A situation akin to a hostage situation for medical schools, which has been going on for several years, after the parties involved have had enough time to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Since this has not been accepted, Famagusta General Hospital is offered as the most appropriate and quality option.

In connection with the above, the letter states, the creation of a university hospital in the area will cover the current gap in the employment of scientists, a fact which is currently causing the area to wither and be abandoned, due to the flight of all those studying. The region is at a disadvantage compared to the other provinces and unfortunately the development plans to date do not show a perspective for the future.

The letter invites the President of the Republic to study the evolution of Famagusta Hospital into "Famagusta University Hospital of the University of Cyprus" and the possibilities offered through the creation of research activities in the field of medicine. The available quality infrastructures, the number of patients and the current level of Famagusta Hospital staff together with the academic staff of the medical university can contribute catalytically to the development of research activity in Cyprus.

The letter expresses in the clearest way the readiness of the local community to welcome the evolution of the Famagusta Hospital, which has supported the place during the difficult period of the pandemic, into a university hospital. The successful outcome of the management of the pandemic, with both the residents of the area and the hospital staff as contributors, have brought a global benefit. This success, as reported, creates moral grounds for claiming the upgrade of this hospital to a university hospital for the world of Famagusta, justifying its offering and sacrifices during the pandemic period.

Finally, the President of the Republic and the Council of Ministers are invited to take the relevant decision, which will be the culmination of everyone's efforts, in order to keep the province of Famagusta on a common path with the other provinces and to position medical science and the perspectives it offers at the appropriate level, so that it constitutes a new chapter in the scientific upgrading of the country.

As the letter states, supporters of the initiative are:

  • Diocese of Constantia - Famagusta
  • MPs of Famagusta:
    • Kyriakos Hatzigiannis
    • Onofrios Koulas
    • George Karoulas
    • Nikos Georgiou
    • Zacharias Koulias
    • Linos Papagiannis
    • Michalis Giakoumis
    • Christos Senekis
  • Union of Occupied Communities of Famagusta
  • Municipality of Famagusta
  • Municipality of Paralimni
  • Municipality of Deryneia
  • Municipality of Ayia Napa
  • Municipality of Sotira
  • Avgoros Community Council
  • Achnas Community Council
  • Liopetri Community Council
  • Frenarous Community Council
  • Community Council of Agios Georgios Acheritos
  • Famagusta Tourist Commercial Industrial Company
  • Famagusta Chamber of Commerce and Industry