Nouris for floods in the province of Famagusta: Immediate recording of damages – Priority for the first homes (VIDEO)

Nouris: "First concern is human lives - Where needed, the state will help"

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The Minister of the Interior, Nikos Nouris, made statements on Sigma TV's "Front Page" show today regarding the devastation caused by the floods that occurred last Friday and Saturday night in Paralimni and Ayia Napa.

As Nikos Nouris mentioned, because of climate change this manifestation of the phenomena is observed with such intensity. The volumes of water, he said, and the quantity was such that the drainage systems were unable to absorb it. In the unpleasant, the Minister also highlighted the pleasant, and in particular, as he said, it was clearly seen that the work done in the city of Paralimni paid off because, as he said, there were no flooding phenomena in the city of Paralimni, in contrast to other areas where many were observed phenomena, for which there is, as he mentioned, planning for further improvement of the systems through the Cohesion Fund which starts next month with an expenditure of 7 million euros to improve the situation in the free Famagusta. Nevertheless, as he said, this is not an excuse because the phenomenon was such that even if these systems existed, there would still be problems.

As Nikos Nouris mentioned, the instructions to the prefects of Famagusta and Larnaca were that a record of the damage would be made within Monday. "There don't seem to be many properties that have been damaged and where the state needs to come, help will come," said the Minister of the Interior, stressing that priority will be given where there is damage to homes, specifically to first homes.

As the Minister mentioned, the first concern was human lives, since more than 35 people and more than 65 cars that were trapped were freed by noon on Saturday.

The Fire Department responded to 61 calls in the last 24 hours in Larnaca and Famagusta

In total 61 calls the Fire Service responded in the last 24 hours in the provinces of Larnaca and Famagusta to provide assistance to the public, due to the problems arising from the severe weather phenomena.

As Koula Mesaritou, Officer of the Press and Public Relations Office of the Fire Service, reported to KYPE, "during the last 24 hours, the Force responded to approximately 17 calls in the free province of Famagusta. In total over the weekend the Fire Department responded to 217 calls in the free province of Famagusta for pumping water from flooded streets and flooded basements of private businesses, houses and hotels, opening storm water drains, towing stationary vehicles and rescuing citizens from their vehicles that were trapped or from their houses through which rushing waters passed."

Overall, he continued, “over the weekend the Service responded to 261 calls in the provinces of Larnaca and free Famagusta, of which 49 they involved rescues of citizens from vehicles trapped in flooded waters. They also happened 80 towing vehicles while both in the province of Larnaca and Famagusta an elderly person was rescued from his house due to the rushing waters of the rain".

As mentioned by Ms. In the meantime, "the Fire Service responded to so many calls that are a record number, while for the last 48 hours the Firefighters have been working non-stop, putting aside their physical fatigue and are always on duty. The Service had the help and support of the Police, Municipal authorities and Civil Defense".

He also noted that "due to climate change, citizens must be prepared for extreme weather events and we can all, with some simple actions, reduce the negative consequences and damage to their properties that such bad weather can bring. For example, the public should make sure that wells are not blocked and cleaned constantly, that water tanks and cylinders located on roofs are well secured and that unsightly structures are removed."

Also, "it is good that in case citizens are trapped with their vehicle on flooded roads, they should stop on the side of the road and wait for the severe weather to pass."

Meanwhile, in a statement, the Police state that "it is on full alert together with other competent agencies of the state to deal with the intense weather phenomena observed in various areas of Cyprus".

Specifically, in the province of Famagusta, "there is land subsidence at two points on the Protaras - Kavo Greko road. These points have been marked and drivers, who use the road in question, are asked to be very careful."

In addition, in the province of Larnaca, the road from Artemis Avenue to Hala Sultan "Tekke" Mosque is closed due to accumulation of water on the road surface.

Again... yellow warning

At the same time, the bad weather and intense phenomena continue.

The Met Office has issued a new Yellow Warning in effect from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Showers and isolated thunderstorms are expected to affect the area. The intensity of the rain can vary from 55 to 85 millimeters in 28 hours.

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