The Acheritos Farmer - The traditional institution that is slowly disappearing


According to Aristotle, "Agronomists are the lords outside the city."

She writes Eleftheria Chr. Komodromou

The eye of the countryside, the farmer commonly Turkopoulos is a traditional institution that is slowly disappearing.

This institution dates back to Cyprus from the era of Ottoman and British rule, which is legally protected by the state.

The duties of the farm guard are the safety of the rural environment, irrigation water, the prosecution and punishment of any agricultural offense. It is a demanding and painful profession as it is accompanied by many responsibilities and there is no schedule.

Today, despite the problems faced by the communities, mainly during the winter months but also during the spring months, it is observed that the institution is extinguished due to modern life.
One of the communities that still have a farmer today is the community of Agios Georgios Vrysoullos - Acheritos in the province of Famagusta.

When we hear the word farmer, the first image that comes to mind is clothing. This, the special outfit with a hat. In his right hand he wore a bronze armband (nisianin) and always had a large bag hanging on his shoulder.

The guardian angel of the fields is a memory for many older than us. After all, what is the farmer for today when our countryside is deserted and people have left the fields and orchards?

Surely, future generations will have to hear stories from the elders to preserve the memory of the sleepless patron saint of the fields.

Our wish and hope is the return of the institution to more communities as soon as possible.