Untold tragedy: Today the autopsy on the 14-month-old girl who lost her life in a swimming pool in Protaras

swimming pool drowning 2 DROWNING
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The 14-month-old girl who had fallen into a swimming pool in Paralimni and was hospitalized in Makarios Hospital lost the battle for her life.

According to the Police, around 08.30 on the morning of Friday, August 7, under conditions that are being investigated, the Anglo-Cypriot girl fell in the pool of the summer house in Paralimni, where she was staying for a vacation with her parents.

The parents together with neighbors took the little girl out of the pool and gave her first aid.

He was then transferred to the General Hospital of Famagusta, but due to his condition it was deemed necessary to transfer him to Makareio, where he was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit.

However, yesterday morning the little girl lost the battle for her life and the exact causes of her death will be ascertained during the legal autopsy that is expected to take place today.

Source: KYPE