Apartment for sale in Paralimni at a bargain price

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He has everything from the units created by the banks for the sale of real estate. From plots of millions of euros to fields that cost less than a thousand euros. Apartments that cost under € 30.000 and car washes looking for a buyer.

Astro Bank also entered the game with various ads on the website of the Ministry of Interior for the notifications of the auctions.

Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank and Cooperative Bank of Cyprus with their advertisements in the Press inform about the properties they have for sale.

With a few euros

Auction ads for fields worth less than a thousand euros were published in the press. In other words, the publication of the news and the auction cost more than the field itself.

The Cooperative Cyprus Bank, for example, announces an auction of a vineyard in the location Invisible in Palaichori Morfou with an area of ​​734 sq.m. The reserved sale price is € 840. Respectively in the same area, a vineyard of 576 sq.m. sold at a price of € 744. A field of 446 sq.m. is put up for sale from the Cooperative. in the area of ​​Koudounistis in Agios Epifanios with a reserved sale price of € 1.120.

"Opportunity" is also the sale apartment in Paralimni from Hellenic Bank. Apartment in Paralimni at Anefani for sale for € 25.600 on December 4th. The apartment has covered areas of 33 sq.m. and uncovered terraces of 16 sq.m.

Plots of millions

In addition to the low prices observed in some properties, there are the opposite cases. Plots of millions with homes, even car washes inside.

Bank of Cyprus is selling two plots of land at the Aidemetika location in Chryseleousa in Strovolos with an area of ​​656 sq.m. and 618 sq.m., respectively. The reserved sale price amounts to € 1.136.000. Their sale will take place on November 30.

Hellenic Bank sells on November 15 a field of 35.133 sq.m. in the industrial area of ​​Kokkinotrimithia. The reserved sale price amounts to € 1.283.200.

AstroBank puts for sale a plot of land with a car wash on Larnakos Avenue with a reserved sale price of € 519.600. The auction will take place on November 13. The plot area is estimated at 572 sq.m., the sheds 50 sq.m., the basement of the engine room 45 sq.m. and the covered areas mainly of a building of 53 sq.m.

Source: Liberal