The moment the boat arrives with the 80 informal immigrants (VIDEO)

skafos me metanastes larnaka 03 02 2020 port of Larnaca, Immigrants, boat

The boat with the 80 migrants that the Port Police has located near Cape Greco arrived in the port of Larnaca. The ship was moored at the port of Limeniki and arrived at 13:00 in the port of Larnaca. 

An ambulance and members of the Asylum Service are at the scene while their details are being verified. 

According to the first estimates of the Coast Guard, about 80 illegal immigrants are on board. The boat was spotted on police radar about 20 nautical miles northeast of Cape Greco. 

The Coast Guard has activated all the measures envisaged for the reception of immigrants in the port of Larnaca while the boat is escorted by the Police.  

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