Panagiotis Tofinis: "Priority in tourism and agriculture"

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For more correct and adequate coverage of farmers and stockbreeders, he said that the candidate for MEP of ELAM from Ayia Napa and Paralimni, Panagiotis Tofinis, will fight in his election to the European Parliament.

Panagiotis Tofinis was speaking during last night's presentation of the ELAM candidates for the upcoming European elections.

Priority, he said, will also be to promote higher exports and fewer imports so that there is an immediate greater demand for domestic production. Referring to tourism, he said "we believe that the presence of Cypriot MEPs so far has not helped to promote the tourism product as it should but instead, every year the number of Europeans visiting Turkey is increasing. The presence of an ELAM MEP, he said, can prove that Europe has much more to offer our country than we have seen today.

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The candidate Marios Vassilios from Famagusta said that their vision as nationalists is a Europe of nations where the European peoples will cooperate, and will be allies, far from transatlantic protectors. A Europe free of complicated bureaucracies, bankers, capitalists, who see profit as the ultimate ideal. In May, he said, "ELAM will occupy Brussels", he said, and the Republic of Cyprus will be able to put the Cyprus issue on its proper footing, which is a matter of invasion and occupation. ELAM, along with other nationalist movements, said it would "demand a national immigration policy where European indigenous peoples are protected from the impulses of millions of immigrants who are altering the culture and social cohesion of European states."

The Europe they want is a different one, which will respect above all the traditions and values ​​of each people, said the President of ELAM Christos Christou and called on everyone to join the movement in the struggle for a Europe where the peoples will work together. between them.

Speaking at an event attended by the movement's six candidates for the European elections, Christou thanked the candidates for "taking on the burden of representing a movement that has non-negotiable principles and values". All, he said, are worthy representatives of the Patriotic National Popular Front.

In recent days, all citizens have been hearing daily about the ongoing Co-operation scandal, he said. "We had warned since June 2018 because we knew that all parties were involved in an economic crime against our people. For years, they appointed people who did not have the means to run such organizations. The bank that was built with the efforts and toils of every farmer, farmer, builder and every bio-wrestler, to be sold because on Monday morning there would be a new haircut of 2,5 million ", he added.

The politicians and the parties did not change their attitude, they did not behave more responsibly because they did not get the right answer, he said and added that "in the coming months, however, the answer will come from the bowels of our people. This answer is called ELAM and that is why everyone is afraid of the Movement ".

ELAM, he said, defends the people, those who did not do anything wrong, but pay for the sins of others.

The Europe that we want, continued Mr. Christou, is a different one that will respect above all the traditions and values ​​of each people. Today's Europe, he said, is based only on an economic model, the one built by the Germans and seeking to impoverish all the economies of European countries to their advantage.

"We dream of building a Europe," he said, "where peoples will work together, coexist and be proud of their origins."

He assured that ELAM has a Eurogroup and will join the rest of the European nationalists. It is this team that is preparing to attack next May and change the situation. We want to continue to return to the national parliaments the decisions that are being taken today in Brussels and that concern our way of life.
"We are trying to create a better tomorrow for every European citizen and from Austria to Nicosia, Europe is changing," he said. "We want all of you to take the fight with us, which will not be easy. but painful, but on May 26, ELAM will not succeed only in the election of an MEP. "It will automatically have succeeded in creating the conditions for us to move to a party that can deservedly claim any position," he said.

Introducing the candidates, the leader of the campaign, Linos Papagiannis, said that ELAM defends the national interests and its principles and ideals are based on the ideals of the nation, religion and people.

ELAM MEP candidate Maria Ierodiakonou, from Athienou, said that with its accession to the EU, Cyprus hoped for a solution to the Cyprus problem. Unfortunately, he said, the EU continues to be frustrated and spoke of the EU's heterogeneous attitude towards Cyprus on the issue of migration flows. "We, as ELAM, ask this opportunity from the voters on May 26, not for us but for our Cyprus, to acquire the patriotic voice that has been absent from Brussels for so many years, to claim for our homeland what it deserves. "From May 26, the KD has a role and a say and will claim it and its voice will be heard in Brussels," he said.

Georgios Solomonidis, from Limassol, said that it was "a given that the local government is lagging behind over time", with the result that we "ended up in a partisan state dominated by corruption, entanglement and unworthiness." This, he added, "is the model we have at our disposal to meet the political, economic and social challenges of the modern age." The country, he said, had all the guarantees to progress in all areas and evolve into a modern European state but instead, "it took a never-ending descent while the Turkish Cypriots follow a trajectory exactly opposite to ours today. enjoy a lot of the goods of the Republic of Cyprus and the EU but without any obligation ".

In his speech, the party's spokesman and candidate Geadis Geadis said that this year is significant as ELAM closes 10 years of electoral contests where many tried to prevent and persuade them but it was too late after a new real force was born "without interests". and a sinful past "that was born to resist an" entire fragile edifice that oppressed Cyprus for so many years ". He said that "no one will bend ELAM and the children in black are watching in panic". He added that the party ballot is superior because it is a ballot of competitors and not competitors who fight together. He also has no professional candidates "but he has a seventh candidate, the people of ELAM, the children in black T-shirts, who made a whole establishment lose its sleep". On May 26, we are writing history, he said, "we take the seat and set foot in Europe."

The candidate George Nikolaou from Limassol said that he decided to give battle to ELAM, having as front the slogan, "Homeland, religion, family" to defend the rights of the Greek Orthodox faith, the institution of the family and the Greekness of the homeland. For 15 years now, he said with the entry of Cyprus into the EU, "we are faced with the non-existent work of all the exceptionally elected MEPs who failed to highlight the Cyprus issue in its European and international aspect as a problem of illegal invasion and ongoing occupation." They have created the impression in European partners, he said, that the Cyprus issue is a bi-communal difference. "Cyprus is not divided to reunite but occupied by the impulses of Attila and we have a duty to fight and liberate it," he said.

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