PROTARAS: Dressed as a carnival, pointed a gun and stole €900 from a kiosk

The Police issued an announcement regarding the case of armed robbery in Protaras

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The Police issued a statement regarding the case of armed robbery in Protaras that was published by Famagusta.News

This announcement:

A case of armed robbery is being investigated by investigators of the Famagusta Police Station, the events of which occurred around 2 o'clock this afternoon.

Specifically, during the above time, an unknown man entered a kiosk in Protaras and asked to buy cigarettes.

While the kiosk employee was serving him, he pulled out a pistol and, after arming it, demanded the money from the cash register. The employee refused, resulting in the unknown man entering behind the cashier counter and removing the entire cash case with its contents, which amounted to 900 euros.

The unknown man then entered a vehicle that was waiting for him outside the kiosk in which a second person was riding in the driver's seat and they left the place.

According to the employee of the booth, but also from the visual footage obtained by the KKBP of the booth, the unknown man, upon entering the booth, wore a carnival costume with a hat and mask while speaking the Cypriot dialect.

The scene was visited by members of the TAE Famagusta where they photographed the scene and received a number of documents for scientific examination.

TAE Famagusta is investigating.

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