ELAM denounces the Turkish provocations in the dead zone of Paralimni

a 73 ELAM

ELAM made a complaint today "about the dangerous inaction and apathy shown, as reported, by the Government and the other members of the National Council, at a time when they should be on full alert studying alternative moves, as we have urged them during the last session. ”

In a written statement, the Movement's Representative, Geadis Geadis, states that "after Strovilia and Louroutzina, where the Turkish enclave has grown, the advances of the Turkish occupying forces begin to consolidate in areas in the region of Morphou, which fall within the , while similar movements are observed, according to an article (published today by Famagusta.News) in the area of ​​Paralimni. "

The announcement also cites military sources who say that the Turkish army has recently been engaged in regular promotion exercises within the neutral zone, in case UNFICYP leaves.

According to ELAM, "these actions are in full combination with the other actions observed recently after the sinking of Crans Montana, which effortlessly lead to the conclusion that the Turkish side is implementing Plan B, while the The statement criticized the government for waiting, as it were, for "various" steps ", waiting for the UN to resume talks, while the National Council is consumed in micropolitical pre-election skirmishes."