The moving message of Fr. Evelthontas for Isaac-Solomos: "Paralimni mourns and is proud"

The moving words of Father Evelthontas in September 1996, a few months after the sacrifice of the lads of Paralimni, Tasos Isaac and Solomos Solomos

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A message full of emotion was written in September 1996 by the blessed Father Evelthon, a few months after the sacrifice of the young men of Paralimni, Tassos Isaac and Solomos Solomos. The message was posted on Social Media by the Center for Offering and Love "Agios Christoforos" and in it Father Evelthontas described in emotional words the sacrifice of the two new martyrs of Paralimni in the black August of 1996.

This is the message of Fr. Evelthontas:

Fr. Evelthon Charalambous
BY THE LAKE, September 1996

Paralimni is mourning. Forty days now, half-mast flags, people in black, hearts aching, lips pursed. He mourns but also is proud. For his two children, for his shoots, who glorified him with their sacrifice. They chanted it, in the east and in the west, heroic land, sprouts of brave martyrs.

Eternal honor and glory to our children who offered the most precious thing in their lives, for divine and universal ideals. Freedom, justice, peace. Their innocent, pure soul could not be reconciled. Nowadays it is based on injustice, barbarism, occupation.

The twenty-seven years of shame have not been able to soften the patriotic mindset and extinguish their hope. At the call of the homeland, pioneers were present. And where everything was covered by the calm of rashness and hypnosis, they reaped the distant hope. They awakened the consciences. They reminded that for twenty-seven years "island is esti" nailed to the cross. "Island of Esti" divided in two from the barbed wire of injustice and shame. Their martyrdom in the barbed wire and in the mast is not a loss for us. Maybe - for the moment - the dynasts were happy, because they got rid of two unruly children. But the blood that is shed for the homeland is never lost, It waters the tree of freedom, it magnifies the mind, it burns the hearts, it gives visions to the people. Their death is a valuable asset that the homeland will reap the benefits of one day. They gave the message, "freedom needs virtue and courage".

Nowadays it is important to make Paralimni known at the end of the universe. The sacrifice of his children enthroned him in all the houses of the world. And their tomb became an "ombian tomb" - a national pilgrimage. And their grave became an invitation to honor and responsibility for leadership and people. And the tomb of the heavens became a call for those who are overshadowed by darkness: "Come and receive light”. "