Perdikis: Calls for the demolition of the illegal monastery in Cabo Greco

Perdikis requests the demolition of the building of the Metropolis of Constantia in Kavo Greko

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Perdikis requests the demolition of the building of the Metropolis of Constantia in Kavo Greko.

The President of the Environmental Citizens' Cooperation Movement sent a letter today to the Archbishop of Cyprus regarding what is happening with the illegal construction of a building by the Diocese of Constantia in the nature protection area, in Cape Greco.

In his letter, Mr. Perdikis states specifically:

"With particular concern and concern, we have been watching over the last few days that the Church of Cyprus has been involved in an environmental scandal.

We are referring to the illegal start of work and the construction of a holy temple in a nature protection area in Cape Greco / Ayia Napa.

This case follows a similar report in the case of the construction of buildings in the Monastery of Saint Avvakoum in Fterikoudi, where again it appears that buildings were erected without the required planning and building permits and without taking into account that the area is part of the network of European regions nature protection.

We would like to recommend that you make a personal intervention to the Diocese of Constantia to demolish all the illegal buildings and follow the proper licensing process.

We also recommend, by decision of the Synod, that all ecclesiastical authorities be called upon, in the event that they proceed with any construction work, to follow the provisions of the legislation and in particular to take seriously the need to respect and preserve the areas of the European network of Natura 2000 habitats" .

The Environmental Movement - Citizens' Cooperation, as stated by the President Mr. Giorgos Perdikis in his letter, expects the church's positive response to the fair request for the restoration of a sensitive environmental area.