President of the District Court of Famagusta: "We all wish that the inauguration would take place at the Court's physical seat in Famagusta"

Emotion during the speech of the President of the District Court of Famagusta - "We wish the inauguration was held at the physical seat of the Court which is none other than our beloved, martyred city, Famagusta"

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On Tuesday, January 31, 2023, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis, inaugurated the Provincial Court of Famagusta in Paralimni.

The President of the District Court of Famagusta, Mr. Ilias Georgiou, caused emotion during his greeting.

Referring to the physical seat of the court, which since 1974, due to the Turkish invasion and occupation, had been temporarily unified with the Larnaca District Court, he wished the inauguration was held in our martyred city, Famagusta.

This is the speech of the President of the District Court of Famagusta, Mr. Ilias Georgiou

"Your Excellency Mr. President of the Republic,

Selected Guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

MIt is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the opening ceremony of the newly built building of the District Court of Famagusta in the Municipality of Paralimni.

Mixed feelings.

We all wish that the inauguration would take place at the physical seat of this Court, which is none other than our beloved, martyred city, Famagusta.

 The judicial function is primarily a service and mission. Our primary duty is equality and equality. Justice in our country is independent and impartial. Our main problem is that of delays. In the context of solving it and modernizing the system of administration of justice, the State proceeded with important institutional reforms, which will contribute the most to its administration in a reasonable time.

We all know that, in order for justice to carry out its difficult task, beyond the institutional framework, the necessary building and logistical infrastructure is needed.

Due to the dramatic circumstances of the invasion of 1974 and its results, the Supreme Court, by a decree issued in the same year (13.9.1974), unified the District of Famagusta with that of Larnaca, with the result that the cases are tried by that of Larnaca.

Listening to the needs of society, the large number of cases that have accumulated and the need for modernization, the State decided to erect the new building of the District Court of Famagusta, in the welcoming and progressive Paralimni, a few hundred meters south of Independence Street where it was located until 1974. overlooking our beloved city, until our return to Famagusta.

In view of its closure and staffing, the decree of 1974 was revoked and from 10.9.22 the pre-decree situation was restored, i.e. for the first time since 1974, the Famagusta District Court functions as a separate Court and at this stage civil and criminal cases are heard . It is a great honor both for me personally, being from Famagusta, but also for my colleagues to serve in this Court.

The creation of this Court that you inaugurate today Mr. President, provides a safe, modern working environment for judges, lawyers and litigants, as befits the function we have been appointed to serve. In the building, with a total area of ​​4750 m7, XNUMX courtrooms, offices, Registry Office, meeting rooms, dignified and safe areas for short-term detention, special lawyer-prisoner meeting areas, without the presence of the police, storage areas and a special area were created, among others receiving testimony from persons in need of assistance. It ensures, among other things, its proper functioning, the dignity of all especially vulnerable persons and witnesses who need help, such as children, victims of sexual and other crimes as well as accused and suspected persons in custody. Even in relation to the design of the building complex, the State and the Judiciary respond to the call of the times for modernization, as befits a modern European rule of law.

In conclusion, the building will continue to be a place of administration of justice, to be a symbol of the functioning of the Rule of Law, to remind everyone that just a few meters from here Turkey violates every principle of the Rule of Law and at the same time we fight for justice and achieve the highest good of freedom.

Mr. President, we thank you very much for your presence here today and for your contribution to the construction, completion and inauguration of this Court and everyone's wish is that we will be able to reopen it as soon as possible in its natural seat which is none other than the occupied Famagusta. 

I would also like to sincerely thank those who contributed to the implementation of this project,

The President and the members of the Supreme Court as well as their predecessors,

The Minister of Justice and Public Order and her predecessors,

The Minister of Transport, Communications and Works

The architects, the construction company and the artists who created the works of art,

Everyone's contribution was crucial.

Your thanks. "


In his greeting, the President said that he feels special emotion, inaugurating the new Courthouse of the free area of ​​Famagusta, "which, like the wish of the President of the District Court of Famagusta, Mr. Ilias Georgiou, is or we want it to be the temporary seat before the return to the headquarters, which is none other than the enslaved region of Varosia".