DISY Famagusta "empties" Pindarou for Correction (Announcements)

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A strong announcement - a response to last night's announcement of the Municipal Group of DISY Famagusta was issued today by the Democratic Alarm regarding the issues raised in the issue of Anorthosis Famagusta. In her announcement, Pindarou states that DISY itself expresses the official positions of the party through its official announcements, while clarifying that it has nothing to do with the management of football clubs, characterizing last night's announcement of the Municipal Team of DISY Amithachoustos as "Famagusta" energy, completely outside its competence ”.

DISY Famagusta: "It is our duty to stand by Anorthosis"

Specifically, on Sunday night, the Municipal Group of DISY Famagusta issued a statement in which it expresses its support to the Board of Directors of Anorthosis.

In detail, the announcement:

"Regarding the latest sad developments with the football company of Anorthosis and after the announcement issued earlier today by the Board. of the Association of Anorthosis Famagusta, the Municipal Group of Democratic Alarm of Famagusta wishes to express the following:

  1. We support the Board. of the Anorthosis Famagusta Association in its efforts to manage the scorched earth left behind by the resigned management of the Anorthosis Famagusta Football Company.
  2. We call on the ubiquitous fans and friends of the historic club of our city to warmly embrace this new effort to survive first and then to consolidate the unfavorable economic situation that the football company has reached.
  3. We appeal to the citizens of Famagusta, supporters of the Anorthosis idea. Anorthosis Famagusta was, is and will remain the pride of our city, a beacon of return and our sacred identity. It is primarily the duty of us, the citizens of Famagusta, to stand as a shield to the well-understood interests of our association and to help the best for the recovery of our Anorthosis.

The palm tree that is reborn from its ashes, our whole life. 

"The spirit of Anorthosis is not discouraged, it is not destroyed. And our beautiful Anorthosis, like Phoenix, is being reborn forever. "

Municipal Team of DHSY Famagusta 24 February 2019 ″

Hard answer from Pindar: "Arbitrary energy, completely out of responsibility"

The Democratic Alarm issued a statement this morning clarifying the action of the municipal group DISY Famagusta, characterizing the announcement as "arbitrary action, completely out of competence".

Pindar's announcement in detail:

“In relation to yesterday's announcement of the Municipal Group of DISY of the Municipality of Famagusta, we mention the following:

1. The official positions of the Democratic Alarm are expressed by the Democratic Alarm itself with its announcements.
2. The Democratic Alarm has no involvement with the management of the Football Associations.
3. The announcement of the Municipal Group is an arbitrary action, completely outside its responsibilities.

Nicosia, 25 February 2019 ″