The "metal" Andri from Rizokarpaso set fire to the stage of The Final Four (VIDEO)

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The Cypriot contestant took the stage of The Final Four with the greatest possible confidence, causing a disturbance to the 4 finalists but also to the jury.

The reason for Andri Lagiou, who chose to perform River with the aim of winning one of the four coveted chairs.

As she described the rock metal self and her personality, she arrived on the stage of The Final Four as "an atomic bomb ready to explode."

"Something in Amy Winehouse is taking me out," commented one of the finalists, to which another replied, "Something like a gout-metal to me."

"I think we are well out of the box in which we have moved," said Michalis Hatzigiannis during a conversation with Michalis Quinelis and Eleni Foureira so that the young singer could move on to the next stage.

"Why be a Mike in some way?" Michalis, in turn, wondered, expressing his disagreement with the other judge of the talent show.

The Cypriot contestant gave her best, as all three judges recognized, but did not manage to win a place in the duel of The Final Four and consequently to continue in the talent show.