The church of Agios Loukas in occupied Famagusta is in a poor condition

"The current state of the church causes sadness"

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The unfinished building of the Church of St. Luke (in the area called Canakkale) in occupied Famagusta has been "occupied" by some businesses located nearby and dumping their garbage there, Cyprus reports today.

According to the GTP, the publication states that the unfinished church was being repaired because it would collapse and its current state causes sadness.

Residents of the area are reacting to the lack of interest and control by warning the authorities to protect "EVKAF's property", as they said. The residents argue that the church, which is under the responsibility of EVKAF, should be cleaned, fenced and put under protection.

Residents say that in the evenings the church "turns into a den of prostitution" and people who come to the site in the middle of the night cause concern in the surrounding area.

Noting that they have voiced their complaints many times without anyone showing any interest, the residents say that a garage has been built around the church, nails have been hammered into its walls and sheet metal has been installed, with no action being taken for years.

"Inside the church, which is full of weeds and garbage, there are hundreds of motorcycle tires, many motorcycles to be repaired, parts, empty bottles and boxes," the residents say, asking for the church, which is used as a warehouse, to be cleaned an hour earlier, and to be punished those responsible for the above acts.

Source: KYPE