Ioannis from Liopetri made liqueur from... Kolokasi Sotiras (VIDEO)

See the recipe for making Kolokasi Sotira liqueur (PDO), as made by the first certified bartending program in Europe

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The limits of imagination seem to be able to exhaust it Barology, the new study program launched for the new academic year by Internapa College in Sotira, which provides the first pan-European certification in the field of Bartending. On the occasion, in fact, of 44th Pan-Cypriot Kolokassi Festival which will take place next Friday, September 9 at the Sotiras Municipal Stadium, his teacher Barology and multi-awarded bartender abroad Ioannis Ioannou from Liopetri, made a unique liqueur with the raw material Kolokasi Sotiras (POP) and presented it, in fact, on the Sigma show, "Erthe ki Edese" with Yota Damianou and Andreas Dimitropoulos.

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Watch the video:

See the recipe for colocassi liqueur:


  • 300g Sotiras Calocasi
  • 500ml vodka (400% ABV)
  • 1 sprig of tarragon
  • 250g of sweetened milk
  • 150g melted white chocolate
  • 500ml coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp water
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp Pink Dragon Fruit powder

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Clean and dry the Kolokasi Sotiras well. Chop it up and place it in a jar with the tarragon and top off with the vodka. Shake and leave the jar in a shady place for at least 2 days. Strain the mixture and filter with filter paper or a filter. Place the rest of the ingredients in the blender and run it for 2 minutes. Add the flavored vodka and turn it on for another 1 minute. Transfer the mixture to a bottle and let it rest for at least 1 day. Serve with ice or even to make cocktails. Shelf life: 1 month in the refrigerator.

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What is Barology?

The Barology which is also the title of the whole project, is an opportunity to build your career in the field of Bartending and Barista in a recognized and certified branch of study and in fact the first in Europe.

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In particular, Barology is part of the recognized and certified study programs offered by the largest institution of Higher Education in Famagusta Province and is none other than the Internapa College which is located in Sotira Famagusta and in recent years has completely changed its image and philosophy, with upgraded premises and new study programs with a state grant. In fact, for the purpose of the course, in order to offer the best experience to the students, a modern bar area has been created, so that the education becomes experiential and more immediate.

During the course, which offers a one-year Certificate in Bartending (60ECTS), the trainee will discover with the well-known professionals of a recognized course 16 courses and an internship opportunity in one of the 10 best bars in Europe! The courses focus on the philosophy of the catering industry and specifically the professionals who are behind the bar, with the history of bartending, the process, the characteristics, the main trends as well as the legal issues.


Among other things, Barology stands out from its curriculum, as on the one hand renowned and professionally trained professionals give students the opportunity to get to know each aspect of Bartending up close, and on the other hand it offers an important internship opportunity at the famous Laki Kane Bar in heart of London.

The courses start in October and, among other things, the course program includes Wine and Spirit Appreciation and Cellar Alchemies which gives students the opportunity to get to know the magical world of wine production up close and in fact alongside the Winemaker and Sommelier, Oresti Tsiakka and at Tsiakkas Winery. The lesson The Bar in the New Digital Age offers the skills required to manage the demanding world of technology, advertising, internet and social media and the Bar, Barista and Restaurant Beverage Service provides the skills to set up a menu, the Art and Craft of Cocktails and Mocktails the practical ability and professional skills to create a cocktail, the Barista Artisan Skills the knowledge a qualified barista needs. The rest of the courses are Fermented, Distilled & Cask BeveragesArtisans Cocktails & Flair BartendingBeverage Identification & Sensory AnalysisCommunication & Customer EtiquetteMixology InfusionBeverage Hygiene & SafetyMenu Design & Sales SkillsRecruitment & People DevelopmentPurchasing & Control Systems and Molecular & New Cocktail Development.

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Important personalities take over the courses

Among the personalities who have taken the courses of the program are the following:

  • Orestis Tsiakkas, Oenologist and Sommelier
  • Kyriakos Assiotis, Flair Bartending Award Winner
  • Ioannis Ioannou, Multi-Awarded Global Bartender and Mixologist
  • Geogi Radev, Co-Founder of Laki Kane / Rum Expert
  • Katerina and Georgia Fellas, Food and Beverage Scientists
  • George Christofis, Coffee & Brew Technologist
  • Dr. Georgios Markatos, Hospitality Expert, Program Manager

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*Please note that the Barology bar is not open to the public, but only to students taking classes from qualified instructors and professors.


Tel. 23829840
Classes start in October

Internapa College
Instagram: @internapacollege
Tel. 23829840
All courses start in October

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The renewed 44th Pancypriot Kolokassiou® Sotiras Festival is coming on September 9, 2022

After a three-year absence, the long-awaited 44th Pangyprian Kolokassiou® Festival of Sotiras Municipality returns renewed. The Festival which will take place on Friday September 9, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. at the Sotiras Municipal Stadium, is more than half a century old and is expected to attract thousands of visitors again this year.

The audience, among others, will have the opportunity to enjoy a rich artistic program which will be performed by some of the most important names of the modern Greek folk song, Makis Dimakis, Vassiliki Danda and the Droulias Brothers. The Festival has become an institution not only for the events of Sotiras and Famagusta District, but also for all of Cyprus, highlighting one of the most traditional products of the place, the kolocasi, which as you know has been certified by the European Commission as a P. OP under the name Kolokasi Sotiras/ Kolokasi-Poulles Sotiras.

The Municipality of Sotiras, as the largest producer of this traditional product with its extremely beneficial properties, in collaboration with local producers, has in recent years undertaken various campaigns to promote the courgette, as part of which the upgrade of the Festival of the same name is included. It is one of the longest and most successful festivals organized on our island, while this year the public will have the opportunity to taste both traditional and alternative recipes based on Kolokasi Sotiras, which they created especially for the Festival of professional chefs and bartenders.

At the free tasting point of traditional kolocasi recipes, kappamas, yachni and fried chicken wings will be served, while at the free tasting point of alternative recipes, the visitor will find, among other things, kolocasi vegetarian burger, kolocasi cups, sweet kolocasi tart, kolocasi truffle, kolocasi ice cream and pumpkin liqueur.

The entrance is the symbolic amount of €5 for people over 12 years old and includes a free tasting of courgette.

Tickets are only available at the Festival entrance. Box offices open at 7:00pm. In the event space, there will be booths from the organized groups of Sotiras, which will sell plenty of food, drinks, sweets and other delicacies.

The Festival is under the auspices of the Minister of Health, Mr. Michalis Chatzipantelas, and the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Savvas Perdio.

GREAT SPONSOR: Sub Ministry of Tourism

MAJOR SPONSORS: SEDIGEP SOTIRAS LTD, Ayia Napa Marina, InterNapa College, Kypris & Geranis Construction LTD

sponsors: Petrolina, Stavros Andronikou & Son (Construction) Ltd, CYTA

SUPPORTERS: Neophytos Fellas, Municipality of Ayia Napa, Sunrise Beach Hotel (two logos, choose one that suits you), Atlantica Mare Village, Cacio E Pepe, Best Catering Equipment by Paolo, The Fella Twins, Famagusta Taste Collective, Barology by InterNapa College, Cyprus Bartenders Association, Donut Market, Spectrum

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The Municipality of Sotiras aims to highlight and promote the colocasia

Through the Festival, the Municipality of Sotira aims to further highlight and promote the product as well as promote it abroad. As early as 2016, when the certification of Kolokasi Sotiras (P.O.P.) and KolokasiPoulles Sotiras (P.O.P.) products was completed, the Municipality in collaboration with the producers of the Sotiras Cooperative Agricultural Products Distribution Company (SEDIGEP) has carried out important promotion campaigns abroad, while agreements have been signed with large supermarket chains to export and sell the product abroad.

Important distinctions and certifications

In 2016 the products Kolokasi Sotiras (PDO) and Kolokasi-Poulles Sotiras (PDO) have been declared "Best Agricultural Product" at the "Gastronomos" Awards, while the title "Product of the Year" has been awarded " during the Time Out Eating Awards 2017. In August 2016, the European Commission registered Kolokasis-Sotiras Kolokasis-Poulles Sotiras in the register of designations of origin and protected geographical indications, while in 2017 the registration of the brand "Pangyprio" was completed in the European Union Kolokassiou® Festival" in the Municipality of Sotiras.

2000 tons per year

According to various historical sources it is noted that the kolocasi was served at a dinner to celebrate the marriage of Richard the Lionheart with Berengaria in 1191 AD. while it was cultivated in Cyprus five centuries before potato cultivation. The best quality Cypriot colocasias were produced in Lapithos and Paphos. However, important cultivable areas with kolocasi existed in Agios Andronikos Karpasia and in Syrianochori until 1974. Today, kolocasi is cultivated mainly in the province of Famagusta, and especially in Sotira. According to data from the Statistical Service for the Census of Agriculture, the total cultivation for the year 2012 in Cyprus was 748 decares and 168 producers, of which 660 decares and 126 producers come from the province of Famagusta, of which almost all belong in the group of kolocasso producers of Sotiros. Sotira, in simpler words, currently produces more than 2000 tons of colocasia per year, while 85% of its cultivation in Cyprus comes from Sotira and the wider area. Remarkable for the biological value of courgette is that courgette is not sprayed, unlike other vegetables, thus being a purely organic vegetable. In Sotira, kolocasi producers call kolocasi as "koukuma" and this is because the product presents an important advantage. It can remain in the soil for a long time without spoiling and can be collected whenever the grower wants it.

Since 1978 Sotira has been organizing the Zucchini Festival, which is one of the longest running festivals in Cyprus, while since 2014 the "Sotira Zucchini Tasting Night" has been organized every two years as part of the promotion of the product by the Municipality and the Producers' Organization Savior.

Its nutritional value

Its nutritional value is considered a healthy food, very nutritious and significantly protects the immune system. Zucchini is rich in protein and carbohydrates, a good source of vitamins A and C, and also contains fiber and amino acids. It also has a low glycemic index, meaning it causes less of a rise in blood sugar levels, which automatically makes it a food that helps prevent diabetes. Its consumption, however, must be done carefully because the leaves and bulbs of the plant contain calcium oxalate, a substance that contributes to the formation of kidney stones. With proper cooking, however, this substance is neutralized and if you want to be absolutely sure of its safe consumption, leaving the bulbs in water overnight before cooking is a very good solution.

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Uses and cooking

The colocasia also has an ornamental use due to the shape of its large leaves. Its starch is digestible and is often used for baby food. It thrives in abundance in Cyprus and is widely used in Cypriot cuisine. It is usually eaten grilled, boiled or yahni and goes well with pork or beef but also with fish. It is cooked as a main course but also as a side dish. It will be good to avoid washing it before cooking it, because after baking it sticks and melts. But if it must be washed, dry it well with a towel.