SOTIRA: The family of 47-year-old George who "left" covid has been placed - This is the announcement

What does he say about the 47-year-old doctor

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The family of 47-year-old George Dimitriou, who died on August 25 from a coronavirus, in a statement through a lawyer, states that any responsibility for the death of the 47-year-old should be sought in the environment of Nicosia General Hospital.

Such is the announcement

We have an order from the family of the undefeated George Dimitriou (his wife Eleftheria and their three children), who passed away on 25.8.2021 at the General Hospital. Nicosia to mention the following -

1. We call on everyone, the authorities, the media as well as all acquaintances to respect the loss of our unfortunate husband and father.

2. The family respects and honors the scientific competence and humanity of the doctor / epidemiologist Mr. Elpidoforos Sotiriadis who from the first moment was a helper in the adventure of our man. Therefore we do not accept any suspicion or hint or accusation, wherever it comes from, about the work and offer of this doctor.

3. We also accept no suspicion or hint or accusation against any father of the Church and our faith, whom our undefeated father served tirelessly and selflessly.

4. Any responsibilities for the loss of our beloved husband and father must be sought in the environment of the G.N. Nicosia where the unfortunate George was hospitalized for over a month.