What happens when the artificial intelligence "joins" Pyrillis with Caruso? (PICTURES)

Who is candidate Pambos Charalambous after all and how does artificial intelligence construct an April Fool's lie?

photo 2 exclusive, APRIL DAY, April Fool's Day

We are in the pre-election period for the upcoming municipal and European elections and, of course, the spotlight is on the candidates who in every way try to steal some publicity for meetings, handshakes, tours and for a pre-election program that no one knows about in advance if they will comply.

However, in these elections, the interest seems to be monopolized by the battle between the two former colleagues in the mayorships of Paralimni and Agia Napa, Theodoros Pyrillis and Yiannis Karousos respectively. The two are expected to enter the contest of the pre-election period for the position of the Presidency of the Provincial Self-Government Organization. Both of them had a close cooperation during their mayorship with perspectives for the future of Famagusta province, while everyone is waiting to see how the current pre-election period in which they will face each other will develop.

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For our part, without losing respect for the two officials, but with a large dose of humor, we decide to leave to the fate of artificial intelligence what would happen if we joined the two faces and made a new one. So the ai took two photos, combined their features and gave us a new, completely new and fantastic character that we decided to christen "Pambo Charalambous" and present him as an expatriate investor who returns to "save" the place of.

photo exclusive, APRIL DAY, April Fool's Day

As for the ten positions of his campaign program that we presented, they are completely fictional and with a large dose of humor, and do not correspond to reality at all, and any persons they refer to are a product of imagination.

IMG 7300 exclusive, APRIL DAY, April Fool's Day

Therefore, we thank those who believed our lie, those who copied it and shared it as real news (it's not the first time) and we wish you a happy April Fool's Day!