The MBA at InterNapa College through Sophia's eyes

Interview of Sofia Papetta who completed her MBA at Internapa College this year

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As of February 2021, InterNapa College has included the Master in Business Administration (MBA) in its offered study programs.

A student who recently completed this graduate program at InterNapa College describes her experience at the college and in this program.

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Mrs. Sofia Papetta from Sotira, who is the interviewee, has been working at the Employment Office of the province of Famagusta since 1996. Since 2005, he has also performed the duties of European Employment Services, a service where trained experts offer information, guidance and placement services, both to candidates looking for work and employers looking for staff from the European labor market.

Why MBA and why InterNapa College?

"Initially I was informed through an advertising brochure that had been released and then I visited the College's website for more information. Additionally, through the website of the Agency for Quality Assurance and Certification of Higher Education (DIPAE), where anyone can find information on the evaluated-certified study programs.  

Having finished Business and Organization Management and seeing the possibility of obtaining a master's degree in the Famagusta area, for me it was definitely an opportunity to obtain a master's degree that would only positively affect my resume and my personal development. Knowing that a master's degree takes time, that in addition to the hours of teaching, you have to devote many hours of personal study and research, and having a master's degree in front of me, recognized and equal to any other college, why should I say no to InterNapa? On the contrary, I believe that the effort made by this College should be supported, so that the possibility of studying continues to exist for future interested parties".

First impressions from college and everyday life at InterNapa College

"Outside the college I used to walk by every day, and I would just see a building, but it's what they say, 'never judge by appearances', so it was with this particular place. The facilities of the college are impeccable, the required equipment is modern, the premises are all clean, diligent, warm and neat so that the course is enjoyable. And the amphitheater completes the whole puzzle. Of course, human resources are the foundation of the college since they are always there to serve and help you.   

I can say that the 1 1/2 years of study did not only have easy moments, but also moments of fatigue, effort, anxiety and of course moments when I questioned my strength, and it was precisely here that the support not only of the professors but also of my fellow students, it gave me strength to continue. Through this route, I met people, gathered experiences, nice memories and created strong friendships."

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The 2 most favorite courses

"Although I don't want to single out any courses since I gained a lot from each course and understood how a business and an organization works. Each thematic unit was the stepping stone for the next one, however I will say Marketing and Human Resources Management. For a business Marketing is essential to survive, grow and prevail over its competitors. In addition, human resources are a valuable asset for any organization and business."

The College's academic staff and teaching experience

"InterNapa's academic staff has experience in teaching, they are professors with internationally recognized research and publications in scientific journals, they have a comprehensive understanding of the modern business world, they undoubtedly have a remarkable resume, they are professors who taught at Universities in Cyprus or abroad .

Most importantly, however, is the way these professors impart knowledge, and they are next to it student, something you don't often see in big universities. Through examples and daily experiences they try to make a difficult lesson easy and understandable. Here I can say that you are a student that the professor knows you, and you are not just a number. Here you have the courage to ask for more analysis on something which you have not understood".

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Tuition fees, government funding and the value of an MBA

"The MBA is an investment because you put in time, effort, a lot of effort and money. The above is nothing compared to what you earn by completing the program. And of course the cost of tuition is an important issue, but InterNapa provides "favorable" tuition rates without compromising the quality of education. Although working, I applied and got the corresponding sponsorship. I can say that the financial part was the one that did not worry me at all, since the payment method and the whole process were within reasonable limits."  

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The right choice and recommendation to those interested

“Getting an MBA helps you develop leadership skills, problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and human resources management skills. You can cope in difficult and demanding environments. An MBA is not only for workers who want to develop their skills but also for interested parties who want to set up their own business. By obtaining the master's degree from InterNapa, I am now sure that I made the right choice, I have enhanced my knowledge in many areas. The excellent academic staff and their constant support have made this journey enjoyable and have helped me balance studies, work and family obligations. Without a doubt, I would encourage other interested parties to follow it, since I have only had positive results."

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*Please note that registration for the new semester has already started.

** Classes start in February.

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