Unemployment in Cyprus increased to 9,6%

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jobless News
Unemployment in Cyprus rose to 9,6% of the active population in January from 9,5% in December, according to data released today by Eurostat. Unemployment in the eurozone reached a record high… 

According to EU data, the average unemployment rate in the euro area increased to 10,7% (10,6% in December) of the active population, while it increased to 10,1% (10,0% in December). EU.

Regarding the individual performance of Cyprus, in January the unemployment rate for men was 8,5% (8,0% in December), for women 9,9% (9,6% in December) and for young people under 25 27,0% (December data).

For Greece, Eurostat data refer to November, where total unemployment increased to 19,9%. In the sub-categories, the unemployment rate for men was 17,6%, for women 23,1% and for young people under 25 at 48,1%.

In the euro area, the average unemployment rate for men was 10,5%, for women 10,9% and for young people under 25 21,6%.

Among the eurozone countries, the best performance was recorded by Austria (4,0%) and the Netherlands (5,0%), while the worst performed by Spain (23,3%) and Greece (19,9%).

The EU had a total of 24,325 million unemployed in January, of which 16,925 million in the eurozone. In the 12 months January 2011-January 2012 the number of unemployed increased in the euro area by 1,221 million people. In the category of young people under 25, the number of unemployed rose to 5,507 million in the EU, of which 3,314 million in the eurozone countries.

The overall unemployment rate for the active population, recorded in the euro area Member States in January, was as follows: Austria 4,0%, the Netherlands 5,0%, Luxembourg 5,1%, Germany 5,8%, Malta 6,5, 7,4%, Belgium 7,5%, Finland 8,2%, Slovenia 9,2%, Italy 9,6%, Cyprus 10,1%, France 11,7%, Estonia 2011% (Fourth quarter 13,3) , Slovakia 14,8%, Ireland 14,8%, Portugal 19,9%, Greece 2011% ​​(November 23,3), Spain XNUMX%.

Source: KYPE