The 98-year-old woman who is summoned to court for gambling (video)

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a1 338 Favorite Videos, NewsMrs. Eftychia, 98 years old, is summoned by the Limassol court to appear on March 10, 2012, together with 41 other elderly women, for a gambling case. The case began in 2009 when police on the spot arrested 44 women at home playing poker. The majority of women were between 70 and 96 years old… 

In 42 of them, summonses were served on the court, since in the period from the arrest until the trial of the case, two ladies died. The oldest woman today, 98-year-old Eftychia, told the Cypriot radio station "Kanali 6" that gambling was the only joy and pleasure for older women and that she and her company were unjustly accused of committing a crime.

The woman stated that she does not intend, nor is she able to appear in court. "Let them condemn me and let me be imprisoned," he said. Below are the statements of Ms. Eftychia in a show of the radio station "Channel 6".