Even in a lasting strike in Elliniki

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Determined to proceed to the harshest measure, that of a permanent strike, say ETYK and its 160 member bank employees who are employed by the Hellenic Bank.

The ultimate goal is to secure by written agreement the permanence of their positions and their terms of employment. This request was conveyed to ETYK by the affected employees and will be brought before the Hellenic Bank again, as it is judged that the employers' assurances do not cover their concerns for their professional future.

The employees' concern extends to the project undertaken by the Bank with the establishment of the new company, raising the concern that, eventually, they may be asked to pay the marble in the event that the banking decision does not flourish.

More specifically, during yesterday's extraordinary general meeting, the attendance of the 160 bank employees who were invited by Helliniki to move to the newly established company APS Recovery Cyprus Ltd, which will take over the management of the Bank's problem loans, was massive, after Helliniki's decision to terminate the operation of the Arrears Management Department.

The affected people conveyed to the leadership of ETYK their intense concern and concern regarding the developments and then by voting authorized their organization to continue its manipulations and take all appropriate measures to ensure their rights.

The concerns of the employees are fully shared by the leadership of ETYK as, as we are informed, it considers that there are many gaps in the employers' assurances. The leadership of ETYK was not satisfied with the information it had a few days ago from senior executives of Elliniki.

It is recalled that ETYK last week sent a letter to the President of Greece Irena Georgiadou, in which he formulated five questions regarding the operation of the company. Among other things, he asked for information regarding "under what terms and conditions the red loans will be managed, what will be the role of the company and its executives in their management". He also asked for information "on the financial part of the agreement and at what price the loans will be given" and "if there are other cases of cooperation of the company with banks abroad whose staff was transferred to the specific company managed by MES".

Source: Philenews