Peres' visit to Cyprus is over

2011 11 04 01 45 48 9350001a9d1a4e4b8575b25e21caf9b7 Ειδήσεις
The president of DISY with the Israeli president, Simon Peres.The President of Israel, Simon Peres, today completed his historic visit to Cyprus and left for Tel Aviv. In the morning, he met with the President of DISY, Nikos Anastasiadis, who stated that Cyprus will gain a lot "from a two-way relationship with "Israel, without this meaning that we must sever our relations with other neighboring countries."

As he said, the effort to strengthen the relations between the two countries, even if slowly, is coming in the right direction. "I hope that our entire policy will not be self-defeating in its efforts to strengthen, develop and develop these relations," he said.

Mr. Anastasiadis said that in the meeting with Simon Peres they discussed the problems of Israel - Turkey and Cyprus - Turkey and the prospects of a better future for the two countries in relation to the findings in their underwater space.

Asked if he believes a stronger military co-operation with Israel would benefit Cyprus, he said any relations developing should be based on each country's capabilities. "Any protection we can get from stronger friends is for the benefit of Cyprus," said Mr. Anastasiadis. Source: