Alarm in London with two attacks and injured outside Parliament (images)

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The first images with people lying on the ground are terrifying - It is unknown if the incidents are related to each other

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Panic reigns in London following two attacks outside the British Parliament and on Westminster Bridge by two perpetrators, from what has become known so far.

The information is so far confused, however according to the international media, a gunman was allegedly killed after he tried to stab a police officer.

A few minutes later, there was a second incident, a few meters from the site of the first attack, on Westminster Bridge, where an assailant dragged a pedestrian in his vehicle, seriously injuring them.

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According to the BBC, one police officer was seriously injured, while there were three to four injuries.

A Reuters photojournalist says he saw at least 12 people injured on Westminster Bridge, very close to the British Parliament building. Four had uncontrollable bleeding.

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Reuters photos show the injured lying on the ground while the image of a man under the bus wheels is terrifying.

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Journalists and lawmakers at the time said they heard loud banging, similar to gunfire. A gunman was reportedly killed after a police officer was stabbed, according to reports.

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London police say they have received a call about an incident of armed violence. "We were called around 14:40 p.m. for an incident at Westminster Bridge. "It is being treated as an incident of armed violence - police officers are on the scene," the Metropolitan Police said via Twitter.

An eyewitness said he saw at least a dozen armed police officers inside Parliament. More were entering, holding shields.

As announced, Prime Minister Theresa May is safe.