The number of needy students increased in Cyprus and especially in the province of Famagusta

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a 7298 News
The number of needy students in Cyprus has greatly increased, with the result that many children rely on the daily food offered in schools. The problem is especially big in Paphos, but also in the free area of ​​Famagusta .. 

These are mainly children of single-parent families or with unemployed or low-paid parents.

Parents' associations are sounding the alarm, pointing out that they are finding it difficult due to the increase in the number of needy children to secure even their daily breakfast.

In some cases the parents' associations of the schools even cover the medical needs of some families.

The President of the Confederation of Primary Education Parents' Associations, Chrysanthos Pieris, stressed that we must not let children faint in order to react.

The Ministry of Education stated that the Director of Primary Education, Elpidoforos Neokleous, has requested and expects the student welfare fund to be increased.