The striking quality of olive oil that many are unaware of

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The benefits of olive oil are many and important for our health while every time research comes to add new properties that we did not imagine.

One of them is related to our appetite for food. What does this mean;

More specifically, a study showed that "vegetable" oils and especially olive oil can regulate the feeling of hunger after consuming them. Laboratory teams from the universities of Munich and Vienna studied four different edible fats and oils: lard, butterfat, rapeseed oil and olive oil.

For a period of three months, study participants ate 500g of low-fat yogurt, which was fortified with one of the above fats or oils on a daily basis, as a supplement to their normal diet.

The researchers found that the total daily intake of the group consuming olive oil remained the same, while the other group consumed 176 calories more per day, even though the two different types of yogurt had the same calories. It was also pointed out that the group that consumed yogurt with the aromatic compounds of olive oil adopted this dietary habit in the daily diet, while the group that consumed whole yogurt did not continue to consume it after the end of the research. In addition, the group consuming whole yogurt had a lower concentration of the hormone serotonin in the blood.