"Inaccurate reports on relocation of the Land Registry in Paralimni"

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"They contain inaccuracies and are misleading" articles in the press regarding the selection of a building for relocation of the Provincial Cadastral Office and the Provincial Office of the Department of Urban Planning and Housing of Famagusta, but also the selection of a building for relocation of , refers to an announcement of the Central Housing Authority of State Services (KFSKY).

KFSKY "has produced a very important project, even if some have their own reasons to constantly try to nullify this project" is added in the announcement transmitted by the GTP. It is also reported that "during the three-year operation of the Agency, about 440 cases were examined in 50 sessions and a significant reduction (in millions) of the amount paid by the state for rents has been achieved".

Regarding the relevant discussion in the competent Parliamentary Committee for the Monitoring of Development Plans and Control of Public Expenditures, the Agency states that the building rented in Paralimni for relocation of the District Cadastral Office and the District Office of the District Office of the District two Departments.

Co-housing is something that the Agency seeks, "because it is a solution that has direct and indirect benefits for the State" as lower rents are achieved and staff turnover is reduced, it added.

It is also stated that initially the landlord had accepted a rent of € 27.000, but from the beginning he was reluctant to undertake the renovation work of the building, at a cost of € 500.000.

In the additional negotiation that followed, it was agreed to reduce the rent to € 18.000 per month and no increase during the nine years, with the State undertaking the configuration work. According to the Agency, the State secured savings of € 914.000 and a benefit of € 400.000.

It is added that it was agreed that the rent will start to be paid as soon as the landscaping work is completed, which is expected to start within the next few weeks.

It is noted that the current rents paid for the housing of the above Services and the District Administration of Famagusta in Larnaca amount to € 622.000 per year, while with the implementation of the decision to move to the Province of Famagusta as agreed, it amounts to € 346.000 per year. savings of € 276.000 per year. During the nine years there will be additional savings of € 2.484.000, it is added.

Regarding the relocation of the Head Offices of the Department of Lands and Surveys in Nicosia, it is reported that this was requested as the building that houses 70% of the staff is in very poor condition.

The request was approved by the Agency on 10/3/2016 and the Department of Lands and Surveys, after following the established procedure, proposed in a letter to its Director on 15/5/2016 the building "Iason" in Nicosia, after evaluation of three buildings proposed, it is reported.

Examining a number of reasons, the Agency states that it has decided to give its approval for the rental of this building while "from a preliminary comparison, it was found that the total cost to be paid for rental purposes and meeting the energy needs of the new building, is at the same levels as the total cost paid for renting and meeting energy needs in existing buildings ".

In particular, it is stated that, among other things, the Agency examined a number of data such as that it is an energy efficient building A and saves significant energy for its heating / cooling, that the building has a system of geothermal heat pumps and photovoltaic panels and that by renting it This building achieves to some extent a long-term goal of the Agency which is the housing in a building of all sectors of a Department.

Finally, it is stated that the rent will be of limited duration, because an effort will be made to build a privately owned building.

Source: KYPE