The Turkish Cypriots working in the free areas do not put it down

New angry protest

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The Turkish Cypriots who work in the free areas do not give up, holding a new protest march this morning, the second in a week, demanding once again their smooth passage to and from the occupied territories, so that they can return to their jobs

Voices of rage outside the so-called parliament once again. The strong reactions of the T / C workers reflect the uncertainty and the anxiety for the future, as they are in the air for almost three months. Despite the gradual lifting of the measures against the pandemic, they cannot go to work due to the situation caused by the pandemic. coronavirus.

On the way, supporter of the protesters and the leader of the Republican Turkish Party, Tufan Erihuman, who promised to discuss the issue with the so-called Prime Minister of the occupied Ersin Tatar.

Turkish Cypriot workers in the free zones, however, warn that they will not stop their efforts to open the roadblocks, stressing once again their inalienable right to return to work immediately.