"Will you not look at me? Do you admire me? Are you ashamed at all? You did not do as well as you wanted, but something has happened "

Ioanna's first words to the accused

den tha me koitaxeis na me thaymaseis ntrepesai katholoy den ta piges oso kala itheles alla kati echei ginei trial, attack with vitriol, IOANNA PALIOSPYROU

The trial of the vitriol case was postponed for the second time. Once again the Ioanna Paliospyrou showed great courage and bravery. In a new interruption of the trial, Ioanna Paliospyrou addressed the accused for the vitriol attack, which he received in May 2020.

Ioanna Paliospyrou went and stood in front of the accused and started asking her the questions that have been tormenting her for so long. She was restless and cold and did not answer.

"Do you not want to look at me and admire me? I know, you did not do as well as you wanted to, but something has happened. Are you ashamed at all? You only know how to play theater. Yes you play. "My little girl", as you used to say to me. You have not made up your mind for a year that you are inside. I will stay here, I will not leave. "Whatever you do, you are ruined.".

Then, Ioanna Paliospyrou's brother intervened and said "Crocodile, snake! Do you dare to look at her? ".

The trial will continue on October 5 2021.