"No one will believe you": The minor who reported her rape by a priest is shocking

The testimony of the minor to the police about her rape by the priest is shocking

viasmos apo ierea incest, sexual abuse

Ο 37-year-old priest It is said that he took advantage of the fact that the child's family is God-fearing and low-key. Initially, he tried to build a relationship of trust with her, urging the girl to tell him everything.

When he considered that the conditions were right, he went so far as to act. In early 2019, when the girl was about 13 years old, asked her in a message to send him a nude photo of her. Then he sent her one of his own nude photo, as shown by Alpha's report, citing 17-page deposit of the minor.

"Whatever happens stays here, no one will believe you"

"He told me that he is not only my spiritual father, that I can see him as my normal father, that I can trust him for everything, for my secrets, but also for my love affairs. "Everything that happens stays here for the two of us and you do not say it anywhere, why no one will believe you and you will be exposed and you and your family ""he was telling me", the minor allegedly said in her testimony.

As she described to the police, after the catechism, the priest expelled the other children and asked her to stay at the end. There, he sexually abused her, as well as in his car, according to the report. The child was scared and notes that all this was done by force. The priest even allegedly spoke to the minor, using words that even an adult could not handle and he was afraid to say anything to anyone.

For his part, the 37-year-old priest allegedly claimed before the police that the girl "probably got angry with me about something and wants to take revenge on me", while she was given a deadline to apologize next Tuesday.

According to information, the criminal acts described in the testimony given by the minor girl are said to have been committed during the period from 2019 to May 2020.

The little girl, however, was afraid to speak in her family environment, until last November she allegedly confessed to a close relative (in aunt of), the nightmare he lived in the hands of the priest, who also had a teacher in the catechism.

Immediately, a complaint was made and it started preliminary investigation by the Department for the Protection of Minors, after the end of which, all legal procedures were initiated that led to the arrest of the perpetrator.

By decision of the Blessed Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Mr. Ieronymos, the clergyman of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens is put on holiday until the competent bodies of criminal and ecclesiastical justice decide.