Tempe crash: The common autopsy finding for all victims

Uniform conclusion of the medical examiners for the victims of the train accident

Screenshot 2023 03 04 17.55.57 ACCIDENT, temple tragedy

The coroners reached a single conclusion for all the victims of the train accident in Tempi.

According to the relevant medical document, published by thesstoday.gr, the conclusion of the medical forensic service of Larisa, where the autopsy procedure was carried out, regarding the cause of death is uniform.

In particular, the document states the following as the cause of death: "Multiple serious body injuries compatible with the reported accident (according to information from the commissioning authority, victim of a group railway accident)".

As the publication clarifies, the first death certificates detailed the cause of death. However, in order to speed up the process of identifying the victims, after communication between the medical examiners and the ministry, a joint conclusion was decided.

At 55 the dead identified so far

Another dead person was identified from the examination of samples in the forensic laboratories, bringing the total number of identified victims of the tragic train accident in Tempe to 55, according to the Police.

It is recalled that the total number of confirmed dead is 57 so far.

Samples of biological material do not match bodies

According to the latest reports from the Hellenic Army Headquarters, there are also two samples of biological material given by relatives, which do not match those of the dead.

It is possible that this may slightly vary the final number of victims, but the procedures of the laboratory investigation have not yet been completed, as another sample was sent from the site of the accident by the Fire Department.

Specifically, as it became known from the Fire Department, it is a human limb that was detected during the movement of the commercial train engine last night.

Examination of new biological material continues

The Police Headquarters also announced that the investigation at the site of the accident is in its final phase, with the removal of the two engines, which was delayed yesterday due to rain, and will be followed by the final "scan" in an area of ​​approximately 500 square meters.

Immediately afterwards, the completion of the investigations will be announced, possibly by this afternoon, barring any unforeseen circumstances.