GREECE: Vitrioli attack on Metropolitans - In a new apology the priest after the upgrade of the category

The time of the attack

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A new deadline for the next Monday, November 8, was requested and received by the priest who was being fired, who had thrown vitriol at seven Metropolitans at the Petraki Monastery, last June.

The accused was called to apologize additionally after the upgrade of the criminal prosecution against him, at the request of the 24th investigator handling the case. In particular, the charge of grievous bodily harm in a series turned into a series of attempted homicides.

According to his lawyer, And. Theodoropoulos, the accusation is not correct due to the long distance from which he threw the vitriol to his victims.

The chronicle of the case
The session of the synodal court in Petraki Monastery had as its object the ratification of the dismissal of the 37-year-old priest, who is accused of a drug case.

Specifically, the priest from Imathia was identified in 2018 with 1,8 grams of cocaine and was arrested. At 6 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon he appeared before the appellate court with the question of final dismissal.

Following the announcement of the confirmation of his dismissal, the priest took out two bottles of soft drink, which he had filled with caustic liquid, and threw it against the members of the synodal court.

The perpetrator managed to use one of the two bottles, before the police officer, who also received a small amount of caustic liquid, stopped him. During the attack, the secretary of the synodal court and two lawyers were slightly injured.

EKAB ambulances rushed to the Petraki Monastery to transport the injured to the People's Hospital. The seven metropolitans, who have wounds from the caustic liquid on their face and hands, are the Metropolitans of Kifissia, Glyfada, Dryinoupolis, Arta, Kassandreia, Zakynthos and Goumenissa.