"Devil with race": Rape the 14-year-old in church and in the car - "You will obey me like God" he told her

Rape the 14-year-old six times in the church and in his car Shocking are the revelations that come to light

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The devil with the races: He raped the 14-year-old six times in the church and in his car

The revelations that come to light about him are shocking priest accused of raping a 17-year-old minor in Lower Patissia.

According to the case file, the 17-year-old girl was going through a real hell and going up to her own Golgotha, as she felt alone and scared to share what she was experiencing in the catechism with the priest.

The 37-year-old priest allegedly forced the girl into intercourse inside the sanctuary, where he was operating, using psychological violence and threatening her not to reveal the truth.

"He forced her into complete intercourse and despite his indecency"

According to dikastiko.gr, which published part of the case file, the mother of the minor allegedly testified that it all started in December 2019, when for the first time the accused was forced into indecent acts in his car.

Then, in January 2020, he forced her into complete intercourse and, despite his natural incest, in the area of ​​the catechism of the parish, where he operated.

He even continued to abuse the girl until May 2020, when he stopped going to the catechism.

"During her confession she asked questions of a sexual nature"

The 17-year-old girl today is said to have testified that the school year 2018 - 2019 began to go every Sunday to the catechism of her parish, while the following year she began to confess to the priest.

In fact, during the confession, as she allegedly testified, the priest asked her sexual questions, to which she did not want to answer, but the 37-year-old insisted, telling her that he is her spiritual and should see him as God, asking her to obey.

Priest: The game of "ten steps" that he invented

The minor also reportedly testified that in her confession in November 2019, the priest told her that they would play a game consisting of ten steps.

Under this pretext, he took her hand and touched it to his genitals. The girl he was scared, he started to tremble, he froze with fear, but the accused allegedly was not intimidated by her reaction, telling her that their relationship would be secret and that he should not say anything to anyone because he was in danger.

He also pressured her, calling her almost every day to go again to confess. At some point the minor succumbed to pressure and the priest told her they would take the second step of the game.

He reportedly told her that he would explore her body, as her spirit, and touched her breasts through her underwear. But he did not stop there, but allegedly forced her to suck, telling her that he would not let her go unless she did.

The minor's testimony is shocking

According to the testimony of the minor, in December 2019 he asked her to go to another place, where the catechism would be housed, to help him with the computers.

He got into his car and drove her to a deserted place, where he used physical force to immobilize her and force her back into reckless acts.

He then allegedly asked her to have full intercourse, but the girl told him she was unwell and asked him to leave.

However, he is accused by the girl of forcing him into unnatural indecency and after he finished, he returned to her house, telling her to contact her by phone for their next appointment, as they had not completed all the steps of the game.

From then on, the child stopped going to the catechism and started avoiding him.

The 37-year-old priest was severely prosecuted, while with the decision of Archbishop Ieronymos, the clergyman was automatically put on holiday and at the same time the Archdiocese has already started the process of referring him to the ecclesiastical Justice.

Until the competent bodies of the Criminal and Ecclesiastical Justice decide, by decision of the Archbishop of Athens and all of Greece Ieronymos, the clergyman is put on holiday.

"He gave me 50 euros for an hour," complains another girl about the priest

At the same time, the statements of a 19-year-old girl about the priest cause a sensation. She told reporters when she was 18 that he wanted to give her 50 euros as long as, as she said, she gave him an hour of her life in return.

I was approached by a girl who was from the catechism because the priest wanted a graffiti in "Amilla Peristeriou" where his football children went. I went with my boyfriend if we did a graffiti for him.

We did everything well for him and then I went to get paid and he told me to go through his office, next to the temple, to get the money. I was alone and in the beginning he asked me some very personal questions, very strange and I could not understand why.

He asked me if I had a relationship, if I had people I trust and I told them everything and "that sometimes it is good not to say everything". I was 18 years old then. 

He then told me that he wanted to give me the amount due to me and my friend, but in addition he would give me a personal amount to please me personally simply in return. He made 20 euros for me and my friend and from his wallet he made 50 euros for me. He told me that he wants to give me these 50 euros as long as I give him one hour of my life in return ".

"He sent me a personal message on my cell phone, he was calling me"

I did not know what to say, I waited for what he was saying to end. He told me that we would give a meeting point, we would go there. I got the 20 for the graffiti and left. I pushed his penny and told him that I did not need his money. I made it clear to him that there was no way such a thing could happen. I never spoke to him again. Later he sent me a personal message on my cell phone and said "Good evening, sorry for bothering me, add me on facebook".

After two or three days he would call me, he insisted. When I picked it up it had nothing to say. I told him not to bother me again. He did not catch me again but I happened to see him alone and with his family.

Every time I passed in front of him, he did not hesitate to look at me even in front of his wife from top to bottom. I was told I had to report it when it happened. But because I was an adult I could not do anything. I had taken him to police stations. I knew that there were little girls who went to the catechism and he had approached them. They did not believe me, I could not get rid of it. "I learned that a girl reported the rape, it is very shocking."

The girl even showed the journalists to whom she made the statements the relevant message from her mobile phone, while as she said the next day she made a proposal on social media which she deleted.

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