Rape of a minor by a priest: The shocking testimony of the horror he experienced

"Rape me, rape my body, rape my soul, ruin my life"

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There is no end to the revelations about the priest who was arrested for the rape of a minor in Kato Patisia. Authorities are investigating the possibility that the accused priest may have abused other children.

The priest came before the authorities after the prosecution yesterday by the Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance, Nikos Stefanatos, who moved quickly as soon as he received and studied the pre-investigation case, due to the seriousness of the crimes allegedly committed against a minor victim.

The prosecution against the clergyman concerns charges of rape, abuse of indecency, seduction of a minor and pornographic material allegedly related to photos that - according to the case file - the accused asked the girl to send him.

The case file describes shocking evidence that emerged from the victim's testimony, with the acts being carried out between 2019 and May 2020, when the girl was 14 to 15 years old, up to 16.

The little girl from last November confessed to her aunt what had happened to the clergyman. Immediately, the case that quickly reached the authorities was taken over by the Department for the Protection of Minors with a preliminary investigation, which yesterday forwarded the case file to the prosecutor.

The cleric was involved in the execution of the arrest warrant to the investigator, from whom he asked for a deadline to prepare his apology.

The minor's nightmare

In the testimony she gave - and which brings to light the "First Issue" - on November 9, 2021, the minor student unfolds the nightmare she lived.

"The truth is that I cried almost every day out of fear. I did not know what to do. I wanted to do something but I was very scared. I was very scared. I was broken up. "I felt that this man did not just rape my body, but raped my soul," said the little girl in her testimony, in which, as the police point out, she constantly interrupted because she burst into tears with sobs.

The minor confesses that the series "13 Reasons Why" was the one that made her a psychological rascal and at the same time armed her with a force to break the suffocating limits of the silence that she had set out of fear and to speak to the authorities. "I happened to see a series called 13 reasons why that has to do with various rapes with a girl. I do not know if you know her. It was an episode where this girl raped him anyway and I cried for 2 hours. I could not stop crying, because things came to my mind… ".

"When I started going to high school, I stopped going to the catechism. I told my mom that I did not want to go to the catechism again and that was the period when the coronavirus started and all that and I was quite at home. The truth is that I cried almost every day out of fear. I did not know what to do. I wanted to do something but I was very scared. I was very scared. I was broken up. I felt that this man did not just rape my body, but raped my soul.

"During the year I was very bad psychologically and I did not do so well, especially in English. And the gentleman used to say to my mom that "the child has fallen too much in school, I do not know if you can talk to her or if something bothers her. Maybe he has something. I do not know for some time about a year I do not know what is happening. And anyway, keep my teacher saying that. I too was very bad in my psychological state. I was a raccoon. Sometimes I would go to my girlfriend because I cried a lot and she would tell me "you have to do something, you must not leave it like that". I told her "I do not want to do anything because I'm just scared". He says to me "but it is not possible, do you see how you are?" And I tell her "I do not know, but I'm afraid. I do not want anyone to know "and he tells me" it is not possible. Do you see how you are? " and I tell her "I do not know, I'm afraid, but I do not want anyone to know."

As the little one says, always according to the "First Issue", the 37-year-old rasoforos, after isolating her and attacking her in order to relieve his sick appetites in her childish body, said to her: "Fine, now is the time to examine you. , and in the other part ".

At this point she describes how horrible she suffered and in fact as he used violence against her to a point where as she characteristically says: “She made this move and I thought I would catch my breath and die. I could not breathe, and I did so on his leg to let me go. "I could not breathe while he was still doing this thing, fortunately after that his wife took him again."

As the child describes, the satirist with the races, immediately after the act, called his wife and told her that he was returning, as he could not find the toy he asked him to buy for his son. "Today we did not complete the steps properly, but the next day," he says, "we will complete them." "It is not possible," he says, "we have delayed it," he says. And I was not talking, I could not, I was speechless and then he took his wife on the phone and told her "I finally did not find it", he says, "this toy for the child. "I'm going back now," he says, "and we'll see if we ever go again with the children."

"I had stayed like that and I was looking at him and it made sense for me not to talk. And then when we left and he left me near my house, he tells me "to arrange", he says, "I will send you a message to see if you will come back". And then I did not go to the catechism at all and it happened, it was the beginning of January, which happened to be a celebration in the catechism below. December was I think. I do not know what, New Year, a party, a gentleman had a party, I do not remember what it was. And somewhere in January, early January and then I went with my siblings to this celebration, and we left early because it was Sunday and the next day I and my siblings had school. And I say to his wife "I'm leaving" I say, "Good night". "Okay" he says to me "good night my girl we will say goodbye". "Well," I say, "we'll talk." And we left and after about half an hour, the priest called me and said "why did you leave so early?".

"Do not tell anyone anything because it will kill you"

In another part, the little one says: "I stopped going to the catechism… Early July and after that, we went on vacation to my holiday home in August, when we came back I thought that" you will not tell anyone what had happened, it's over. Finished will stay inside you, I say, it does not matter it is not something. It's not something I thought you would not tell anyone because it will kill you. It's over you will not tell this thing to anyone. This is what I was thinking after August, when I came back at the end of August, I happened to see a movie he had done with rape, and all these scenes came to my mind and I started crying and then I realized that I had to do something for that I have to tell someone what happened to me.

And the next day I went to my coworker who we have been with since kindergarten, from babies together, and I told her "I have to tell you something that has happened". And he says to me "tell me what has happened?". She was stunned and I started to say to her that "you know with the pope». ", She says to me" what happened to the pope? " Explain to me. And I started to explain to her what had happened, she was stunned, and she said to me "I can not believe what you are telling me, I can not believe that something like this has happened to you, it is impossible". I tell her "yes, this has happened". I tell her "I'm too scared he will kill me". He tells me "there is no reason to be afraid. Why be afraid? He tells me "you have to do something. You have to do something. Go to the police. " I say "no I'm afraid I do not want to go to the police, I'm very afraid he will do something to me". He says to me "did you not tell your aunt?" I tell her no "I'm afraid to tell my aunt". "Why don't you tell your aunt?" she tells me and I tell her "I do not want to tell my aunt".

"I thought I was doomed"

As the little one says, she did not speak because "I was very scared. Because I had not found the strength to do this for so long, that is, to come and think that I was doomed to this thing and that it would haunt me for the rest of my life, but I said that I thought about it and that I could not do it anymore, all this pain, all this fear and so we came and I came to denounce it. And then I told my mother and I have started to feel very strong and to give myself strength to be able to punish, not to punish is not a nice expression what I say, to get in quotes this man what he should because he raped me. He raped me, raped me while I did not want to. "I did not want that thing."

"I did not mean to. And I just want him to pay for his actions because my friends are scared too and my aunt can't see me like that and she tells me that this man should go to jail for what he did to you. What he did to you is not right. At this point it is reported that the little one bursts into tears again. And I can no longer see him. I see him on a daily basis, his wife can go with his children and I can not see him. Every time it is like living the same things and I really know that this will not happen overnight, to get well, But I can no longer see him, to be free outside as if nothing has happened. He has done me so much harm, so much harm, that I do not think he has understood what harm he has caused me. He raped me, he raped my body, he raped my soul, he ruined my life. At this point, the police report that the child bursts into tears again ".

"Delete the messages so that my wife does not see them"

In what has to do with the part of the photos, according to the same source, the little one characteristically mentions: ", I say" I do not want in any case ". "Come to me," he says, "do it for me, since I know how much you want it." And I say "I do not want to send something like that, I never send photos", I say, "never to strangers nor on social media". "Come," he tells me, "I will send you and take mine (it refers vulgarly to his genitals), and then I think you will change your mind."

And he sent me his genitals, and he says, "Look how I am now," and I was scared and threw away my cell phone. And he would say to me "why don't you answer?". And I say "what can I say"? He tells me "you did not like it, did not you (s.s uses market dialect)…. ??". I say "no", he tells me "look, every time we talk you will delete the messages so that no one sees anything, so that my wife does not see anything". And I say "okay".

Source: In.gr