Provocative and arrogant, the priest continues to accuse the minor - "It has become fashionable" says his lawyer (VIDEO)

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Despite what has come to light so far, the priest has not stopped blaming the girl through his lawyer.

With the society watching the developments of the case with the priest, who is accused of raping a minor (then) student, inside the Holy Temple of Agios Dimitrios Kato Patision, the case acquires even greater dimensions as it seems that they have not yet come out in publicity of all data.

The priest himself from the beginning of the revelations, when the complaint was made by the girl, to this day still holds a provocative and arrogant attitude, claiming that the minor girl at the time, has psychological problems, while according to his latest allegations, the allegations were made against him because she was in love with him, but he did not give up.

According to information, a new complaint is expected against him, while he has already submitted to the police another 19-year-old girl who, as he claimed, had asked her to spend time with him for a fee.

From the GADA detention centers, the priest accused of raping the minor is preparing his apology, which is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday. The 37-year-old is expected to claim that there are financial motives behind the complaint of the minor.

The allegations of the priest

"I helped the family of the minor with the funds of the poor fund and in any way I could as a priest. "When the donations I made to her family stopped, because other parishioners were in need, then I think the idea of ​​reporting me to the authorities in order to blackmail me started to come to her mind," the priest told ALPHA.

"The minor, either because I am a priest accessible to everyone or because she sought something more than me, may have fallen in love with me. "Because I did not give up, he wanted to denounce me," he added.

"The complaint is untrue and is false. I am a father of three children that I adore and love while I hate rapists. "If I am supposed to be a rapist, why should I choose to do these acts inside the sanctuary, which is centrally located with access to the priests' office open while there is a closed circuit with cameras?" the priest still wonders.

The minor's nightmare

The walls outside the church remain marked by the paints thrown by unknown people in the early hours of Saturday, while the Sunday service took place in the shadow of the shocking testimony of the girl for what haunted her for three years.

When last summer she revealed to her friend the rapes but also the psychological violence as well as the threats that she complained that she suffered from the priest not to speak, the case took its course. Her silence and fear had cost her dearly, as she had even reached the point of committing suicide.

"I could not. I wanted to finish. "I could no longer feel this pain, all that this man has caused me," he said characteristically.

The minor also speaking to the police pointed out that she was afraid of the priest, who even threatened her: "I felt that I could not do anything, that I could not speak because he would kill me. And he tells me 'no one should know because otherwise you will be in danger' ".

Specialists are constantly by the side of the 16-year-old girl and his family to help manage the wounds from the horrible moments that she complains that she lived in the hands of the rasofor even inside the sacred temple.