Greece: Both passengers of the boat that overturned due to bad weather are dead

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The second passenger of the plane that overturned in Greece due to bad weather is also dead, according to Greek media.

Rescuers at 2 am on Monday managed to retrieve the first passenger of the sailboat for whom there was the image from 9 pm that he was unconscious.

The unfortunate man was located by EMAK.

Rescuers and divers rushed to the spot, who for a long time, due to the adverse weather conditions from the bad weather of Girionis, could not dive into the icy waters and drag the unfortunate man.

In the operation to locate the missing person, who was found dead this morning, vessels of the Coast Guard participated, as well as the Fire Department "Skourtis" from Patras.

Information from local media states that the two men are of French nationality, however they have not been confirmed.

Source: sigmalive