Cyprus and Greece sign Memorandum for the implementation of "112"

Cyprus and Greece sign a Memorandum of Understanding today

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Cyprus and Greece are signing today a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in matters related to the implementation of the Single European Emergency Number "112".

As stated in an announcement by the Ministry of the Interior, the memorandum will be signed by the Minister of the Interior, Konstantinos Ioannou, and the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection of Greece, Vassilis Kikilias.

The signing of the Memorandum resulted from the intergovernmental meeting held last November in Athens, where it was decided to strengthen Cyprus-Greece cooperation in a wide range of issues, including the field of civil protection, it is added.

According to the announcement, the Memorandum of Understanding "aims at defining the cooperation framework between the two states for the effective implementation of the communication services offered by "112".

The services include, among others, receiving and managing all calls to "112" and sending public warning messages in emergency situations.

"With the signing of the Memorandum, the cooperation of the two countries is established, so that a modern and reliable system of civil protection and timely information of the citizens can be implemented on the part of the Republic of Cyprus", it is noted.

Cyprus and Greece will develop cooperation for the exchange of best practices and know-how, while joint educational seminars and programs will be organized for the training of their "112" officials, as well as for the enlightenment of citizens on the use of "112".

Prior to this, the Home Secretary will take part in a discussion on supporting EU member states to adapt to climate change and civil protection, as part of the Delphi Economic Forum.

Source: KYPE