Thriller in Ilioupoli: Mother and son were found dead by gunshots

The police are considering all possibilities for the gruesome find in an apartment in Ilioupoli

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All possibilities are being considered by the police for the gruesome discovery in an apartment in Ilioupoli, where a 63-year-old woman and her 36-year-old son were found shot dead on Wednesday night.

The tragic incident occurred on the 1st floor of an apartment building located on Thermopylon Street.

According to the latest information, the case has been taken over by the Homicide department.

An element that puts a strong possibility that another person is involved in the mysterious case is the fact that the back door of the apartment was found unlocked, but there were no signs of tampering.

It is also not clear if items are missing from the house, although there was a disturbance in the rooms.

The main door of the apartment was locked and a locksmith was called to open it.

Once the officers got inside they were confronted with the gruesome subject: The woman was dead in a chair and the son was on the bed.

The police arrived at the scene after a complaint was made by neighbors about an unbearable stench.

The woman who notified Immediate Action noted that the victims had not shown any signs of life for several days. When the officers entered the apartment they found the mother and her son dead, with gunshot wounds to the head.

In addition, the police found a carbine in the apartment, but it was in a different room from the two bodies.