GREECE: The two-year-old Zacharias who fell into a barrel fought but did not succeed (IMAGES)

Doctors fought to keep alive the little boy who fell into a barrel of lime water - His uncle is shocked: "I immediately dived in and started giving him artificial respirations"

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Little Zacharias fought very hard. Despite being only two years old, little Zacharias, who surprised doctors, nurses and rescuers of EKAB, with his incredible strength to stay alive, finally failed and left shortly before one in the morning, his last breath in the Children's ICU of PAGNI where he was hospitalized.

The two-year-old boy fell into a barrel full of lime water in Ligortyno of the Municipality of Archanes - Asterousia, on Wednesday afternoon. His grandmother found it, without his senses. The little one was transported without any signs of life to the Harakas Health Center.

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The doctors of the Health Center "fell" literally on the child, trying to bring him back. For 2 hours and 40 minutes the little one did not respond, but on the cardiogram there was a reversal that caused surprise and great joy!

The child was intubated on Wednesday night on the way to PAGNI. He remained in the Children's ICU, however, despite the efforts of all the staff of the Unit, he left his last breath, as from the beginning his health condition was extremely serious.

Shocking is his 2,5-year-old uncle Zacharias, who was the man who from the first moment started taking artificial respirations on his nephew when he found him unconscious in the barrel of water. As he says to, the child did not respond to the artificial respiration, as a result of which he was rushed to the hospital together with his parents, where the doctors made titanic efforts for the 2,5-year-old angel.

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