Folegandros: A boat with 35 migrants sank

Their boat did not appear to have rescue equipment.

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Navy vessel located 12 immigrants well to their health 

It is in progress since the early hours of the morning a large-scale rescue operation for any missing migrants in the sea area south of Folegandros, after the sinking of a plastic boat, on which an unknown number of people were riding.

A naval vessel located in sea ​​area 12 immigrants well in their health to board a small auxiliary dinghy.All of them were collected by crew of the Coast Guard and transferred to Santorini.

According to the testimonies of the rescued, in the plastic boat they were on at least 32 people, experienced mechanical damage water inflow and sank.

It is noted that only two of 12 survivors brought life jackets, while their boat did not appear to have rescue equipment. In the sea area of ​​the explorations, which are in full swing, prevailing northerly winds prevail. 4 Beaufort.

the minister Of Shipping and Island Policy Giannis Plakiotakis as soon as he was informed of the incident, he ordered that all appropriate means be made available to area for business.

Marine surveys continue by an offshore vessel of the port and three vessels, one navy helicopter and one air force, aircraft c-130, five floating ships and private boats.