Greece will appeal to the EU for the term "Turkaegean"

The use of the term "Turkaegean" is an "unfair commercial practice that will be challenged and remedied"

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Greece will appeal against the decision of the European Union Copyright Commission (EUIPO) to secure the term "Turkaegean" and use it for advertising and tourism purposes.

According to government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou, this is not a recognition of this brand by the European Union, but is simply a decision of a committee based in Spain, which "does not produce political issues."

According to him, the manner in which the registration was made did not allow an objection to be made, while it is being investigated how and why it happened.

Mr. Economou told SKAI that this is an "unfair commercial practice that will be challenged and restored." It is noted that, as "K" had written, the US did not recognize the brand name "Turkaegean".

Similarly, the Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, confirmed to ERT that Greece will take legal action and "will offend this process" in the European institutions.

The revelation about "Turkaegean"

According to a document posted on EUTM, the European Trademark Office, it appears that the term "Turkeegean" has been accepted since December 15, 2021, with an expiration date of July 16, 2031.

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On the contrary, as "K" wrote, the Turks were unlucky in the USA, where their application for the trademark was rejected in its entirety by the federal service to the US Department of Commerce and is responsible for granting copyrights and commercial names. .

It is noted that the Turks tried to create a brand called "Turkaegean", in order to dethrone the most neutral… "Aegean" from the market. The request specifically concerned the use of the term for advertisements on radio, television, the Internet and elsewhere, for the rental of tourist property, cars, but also the provision of legal and other services.

At the end of May, George Babiniotis had also expressed his -hard view- on the issue. The professor of Linguistics had described as "international shame" the fact that Turkey calls the Aegean "Turkaegean" and the Mediterranean "blue sea", referring to the Greekness of the term Ege, which has been used by the Turks for the Aegean since they appeared in region.

"Like Erdogan's other idiots and dangerous: 'our sea', or 'blue homeland' for the Mediterranean Sea!" of Greeks".